10 reasons why Ghanaian women are unique and the best

I think Ghanaian women are the most desirable women on the earth. Without a doubt, one of the most incredible and remarkable people on the planet is a Ghanaian woman.

A Ghanaian woman will not accept a bond of desolation established without the holy grail of agape love; instead, one must look for a cozy blanket to cover up a special bond. For certain males, the comforting warmth of the blanket perfectly conceals the deception. The falsehood that leads one to feel that having the honor of uniting with a Ghanaian woman bestows upon one the genuine perception that she is fairly simple to adore.

A Ghanaian woman once told me;

“We are beautiful. We are sensual. We are passionate. We are feminine. We are practical. Being with us is like dancing to your favorite song in the solace of your room. It’s inhibited, it feels free, and you feel the passion. We are resilient only because we love hard.”

My inspiration to write about Ghanaian women today came from my encounter with a Ghanaian lady I met at a club in Miami. I was dating a white woman at that time, and we ended up at the club after a night out on the town. One glance directed squarely at me from her was enough to convey her austere disapproval of my romantic choice. When the opportunity presented itself, she didn’t hesitate to confront me, simply to let me know that I was missing out immensely.


Fast forward a few years later and her words rang in my ears as the wheels touched down at Kotoka International airport in Ghana two nights ago. Geographically positioned in Accra presently, I could not have picked a better location to share my thoughts about the uniqueness of Ghanaian women. I was once married to a Ghanaian woman, and I have loved and dated these amazing women since the dawn of my initiation into the dating scene. I must state, however, that the thoughts and views expressed are mine alone.

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When one couples up with a Ghanaian woman, one gets a nurse, a mother, a teacher, a nurturer, a sex symbol, a chef, a freak in bed if your stars shine bright, a loyal friend, a news reporter and a private investigator.

Sex is definitely not sex with a Ghanaian woman without the nipple twists, sheets and pillow grabbing, ear nibbles, the customary “look back at me” position,” lip biting and back scratching. A Ghanaian woman may look innocent but her intimate thoughts are delectably devious and her addictive body is sure to make any man quiver.

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10 reasons why Ghanaian women are unique and the best

Never mistake a Ghanaian woman’s alluring nature as a sign of weakness. The same hand that caresses and feeds you, can and will, in a split second deliver a stinging slap when she’s wronged. No matter how much hurt she carries in her heart from society’s unfair treatment and the frequent indiscretions from her man, she wakes every morning and dresses up to look like a goddess. Her ability to show up constantly with a smile despite the storms raging underneath it all is never failing.

People think Ghanaian women are pliable, humble and yielding but I believe the quality most Ghanaian women possess is sturdiness.

A Ghanaian woman knows that the default need of most men is to seek sex with no strings attached. She is painfully aware that plenty of women out there are willing to give a decent man the unattached sex he craves. She, however, wants a man to respect her enough not to hurt her with his lust. A Ghanaian woman respects a man more if he has the capacity to acknowledge that unattached sex with other women can hurt her deeply.

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A Ghanaian woman understands that her man may cheat on her. Yet she holds on to the thin hope that her man will make the right choices. When she truly loves you, nothing you confesses will make a Ghanaian woman love you less.

A Ghanaian woman will bring up the past; she will bring it up a lot. Understand that she does not conjure up the past just to be mean, she just never forgot the pain her man caused her and she remembers all the details he forgot. The more a Ghanaian woman trusts you, the more she needs and wants you but do not be fooled by her insolvency.

A Ghanaian woman loves it when her man can solve her problems without her asking. Yet, most of the time, she feels terrible when the man become the “savior” in her life. She enters the murky world of knowing that she “owes” the man; that the man will cash in on the favor sooner or in the near future. She will choose and deeply appreciate a man who genuinely wants to help her with no strings attached.

Whatever you do, do not hurt a Ghanaian woman. She will forgive you once, twice and maybe a third time. Take heed however, that if you hurt a Ghanaian woman, you have to take everything she says with a mountain of salt, never with a grain of salt.

A little stubborn, competitive with other women, a little proud sometimes but a Ghanaian woman has a highly developed sense of self; knowing what she wants, how she wants it and how she will get it.

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A picture is worth a thousand words but one can never paint an image to capture every alluring intricacy about the Ghanaian woman.

Simply put, Ghanaian women are awesome!

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