10 snacks that are A-okay to eat at night

Okay, so you’ve been instructed to give up nighttime munching. Really, you’d prefer not to. You enjoy having late-night snacks because they help you stay motivated, particularly when you’re working through the night.

But now that late-night munching has been making you feel bad and gaining weight, you’re going to have to starve.

But hold on there for a moment. What if we told you that there are ten delicious snacks you may have at night without feeling guilty or gaining weight?

But it’s true. Because God actually clearly does love us after all, we can snack at nighttime and not pile the pounds on as long as we stick to the right foods.

Eating at night
10 snacks that are A-okay to eat at night

So join us as we take a look at the 10 snacks that are A-okay to eat at night!

String Cheese

This one is a bit of a funny one. After all, isn’t cheese supposed to be fattening?
And doesn’t cheese before bedtime give us nightmares?

And and and … isn’t string cheese processed?!

Okay, yes, cheese is fattening.

But the idea that eating cheese before bedtime gives us nightmares is a total myth (we hope).

And, yes, string cheese is processed. But before you move down to the next item on this list, bear with us a second: Because while string cheese is most certainly processed, it’s also really low in calories. Indeed, one pack contains just 80 of ‘em.

Secondly, string cheese is rich in protein, which will keep you feeling full for longer. And it also contains tryptophan, an amino acid that can make you sleepy.

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Avocado On Toast

Everyone seems to be eating avocados on toast these days, from your mom to your grandma (though she probably thought it was something else!).

But while people generally eat it during the day because it’s a healthy, tasty and feel good snack (and, for some people, upholds their hipster image!), did you know that avocado is also the perfect late night snack?

Yup, stock up on avocados so that you never have to go hungry again at night.

Save some for us, too!


You might argue that you’re already eating cereal before bed. But are you eating the healthy kind that’s not going to cause you to put weight on?

There are different kinds of cereal, and while some are really sugary and bad for us, others aren’t – such as whole-grain cereals.

We’re talking about bran flakes and oatmeal, two cereals that pack a fibre-punch, and which you can top off with berries, nuts, seeds, quinoa and honey.

Now, doesn’t that sound like the most amazing night time snack ever?

A Sliced Apple Dipped In Peanut Butter

This might sound a bit counter-intuitive, right? The apple makes perfect sense – it’s a fruit, and it’s rich in dietary fibre that keeps you feeling full for longer.

But peanut butter? Really?

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