Mohammed Kudus Explains His Unique Goal Celebration Style

Ghanaian football player Mohammed Kudus gave an explanation of his new celebratory habit of perching on billboards.

Kudus emphasized that his new goal celebration is as easy as taking a deep breath. Kudus was previously known for crossing his hands in an X pattern. The guy has become more well-known at West Ham because to his incredible performances and knack for scoring goals in a variety of competitions.

Mohammed Kudus has at last given an explanation for his unusual celebration style following a goal in a game.

Mohammed Kudus Explains His Unique Goal Celebration Style

Mohammed Kudus, a Ghanaian footballer, got the chance to show off his innovative goal celebration technique during West Ham’s recent 3-0 victory over Wolves. During his early days at West Ham and the majority of his time at Ajax, Mohammed Kudus would celebrate by crossing his palm in an X shape over his chest or head.

Kudus has recently changed his celebration style to sitting on the ad boards for a while.

In an interview with West Ham fan Guvna B, Kudus explained that the celebration had no specific meaning as he was simply taking a deep breath. “Obviously, when you get to this level and you do stuff, people try to get deeper meanings to it. This don’t mean anything; I’m just taking a deep breathe. It means nothing to me. I just sit down to take a deep breath.”

The video was a mosaic of Kudus’ goal-scoring moments, which caught the attention of Kudus lovers, especially Ghanaians.

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