Reasons why you are struggling with your natural hair

It’s never simple to go natural and stay natural. It takes a great deal of commitment and effort, particularly if you want it to live up to your expectations.

You are most likely doing something incorrect if your hair does not seem the way you had envisioned it to or the way you see others’ hair develop. Some of the things you may be doing are listed below.

The majority of Ghanaians do not generally conduct research. This information was obtained from a survey I did for my thesis on Ghana’s transition to natural hair and the broader effects of the market for hair relaxer products some time ago.

Investigating goods, components, and therapies is not part of our ethos. The majority of us favor word-of-mouth. The issue with word of mouth is that not everyone is affected by it in the same manner.

Natural hair
Reasons why you are struggling with your natural hair

You have to look into everything and everyone. Madam Adwoa’s hair is growing faster than yours, therefore don’t follow her regimen or hair care recommendations.

Investigate the substances in the natural hair products you use, as well as potential therapies. Recognize your hair’s preferences and dislikes, and the rest will fall into place.

You’re not doing enough of an experiment.

Your hair is yours. You are free to use it however you see fit. Explore new experiences even if no one has advised you to. Try fresh hair products, new styling methods, and alternative hair regimens.

Examine them critically. You ought to be able to monitor if your hair responded poorly to a certain product or treatment or whether it has improved. Whoever said it was simple to have natural hair was lying.

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You have to put in more effort and try different things. You will never know what suits your hair type the best if you don’t try different looks and styles because practice makes perfect.

The structure, density, and porosity of hair vary throughout varieties. The way hair grows can also be determined by genetics. The growth of hair varies across individuals.
Certain people in my nation are considered “brenya,” which is code for hairless. Because everyone grows hair at a different rate, avoid comparing your hair development to anyone else’s.

specific substances work better on specific types of hair than they do on other types. Thus, pay attention to your hair and do what suits you the most. Have patience.

I’m really sorry to break this news to you but there is no heaven-sent product.  I always say it’s a 50/50 give and take situation.

Products won’t do magic on your hair if you are not using it well and taking care of your hair. The power is actually yours and not the products especially if you have a type 4 hair. This is because products will just sit on the hair doing nothing.

It is up to you to know how to maximize the products utility for your hair. Your hair will naturally respond to how to treat it. You can’t coat and layer your hair with products when your hair is not healthy.

You owe it to yourself to constantly feed your hair with the right products but most importantly you owe it to yourself to have a routine that allows the products do their work given its solid base. Bottom-line is you have to be consistent with your hair regimen.

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You are not allowing your hair to breath

When you are constantly pulling and pushing your natural hair from one braid or weave   or other styles to the other, you weaken the hair.

This is because not only is your hair under constant pressure, it is also lacking so much nutrients, proteins and moisture.

As a result of this you will end up having weak hair and tracking any substantial growth is difficult because even though you see your roots growing the ends are breaking because your hair is weak.

Holding on to weak ends

Your number one mission should be Health not Length. If your ends are feeling weak and stringy or just lifeless let them go.

Trim your ends because split ends are going to eat into your healthy hair and spread damaged ends throughout your entire hair. Don’t hold on to dead ends or split ends. Let them lose.

You haven’t sought professional help

Like stated in the previous point, sometimes the problem might be health or genetic related therefore, seeing a professional figure who has insight and knowledge in dealing with what your hair is going through in order to give you some prescriptions or give you medical and concrete advice may be helpful.

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