65% of Ghanaian wives cheat on their husbands – Counsellor

According to sexotherapist Dr. Larry Boateng, over half (65%) of Ghanaian married women report seeking sex outside of marriage.

He revealed the information on Class FM’s Executive Breakfast Show during a conversation on happy marriage.

According to the family counselor, things have changed in the past few decades. When a couple settles down, the women may have encountered a variety of men and had varying sexual experiences. If their husbands fall short of these expectations, the wives often look for other sources of pleasure.

He stated that research has proven that cheating wives are “very common in Ghana now”, adding: “Do you know why? They [the husbands] are not performing.”

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65% of Ghanaian wives cheat on their husbands – Counsellor

Dr. Boateng went on to say that because of financial difficulties, husbands—who are frequently the family’s primary breadwinners—spend a lot of time at work in order to generate a sufficient income, often at the sacrifice of spending quality time with their spouses.

“The man will leave the house by 5:30am and go to work, get back by 10pm or 11pm very tired. He will provide all the necessities of the family, give money and everything. But I am telling you that if you are not able to ‘fire’ your wife somebody will ‘fire’ her for you,” he emphasised.

He identified sex as a major challenge in marriage and encouraged couples to learn how to satisfy each other in bed.

“If the woman demands it in the night, do it, but if not you can adopt the dawn one. You have gone out you come back, shower and sleep. At dawn, around 3am or 4am, you will wake up very energetic and strong and that is when you can also do the work,” he admonished.

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