5 ways to balance your finances and still have a social life

 While spending money temporarily increases our happiness, excessive spending can have detrimental effects on both your bank account and quality of life.

Create a budget
The only surest way to be in control of your finances is creating a realistic budget. The next step is the discipline to stick and you’ll reap the rewards.

Spending money makes us happier in the short term but over-spending can actually have a negative impact on your quality of life and bank balance. Who doesn’t feel good when they see a healthy bank balance?

Plan a staycation
After grueling months of hard work at the office and home, it feels great to travel with your family and have quality time. However, if you’re finding it too hard to budget it in?

Why not spend your family vacation in another region where you can afford and commit fully to this new you. You don’t need to travel far to explore and have fun, you can do it.

5 ways to balance your finances and still have a social life

BYO nights
If you’re low on cash and still wants to have fun with your friends, let me introduce you to ‘bring-your-own’ wine restaurant.

BYO’s are the perfect substitute for that restaurant you normally go to. Friday and Saturday nights never looked so appealing.

Movie nights
Having a busy social life can take a toll on your bank balance but that should stop you from having quality time with your family.
Manage your finances and have fun without worrying about your bank balance.

You just have to be a bit more creative and make fond memories.
DIY SPA time

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A relaxing day at the spa won’t be a bad idea after a hectic week. But, you can afford at the moment. Well, beauty doesn’t have to break the bank. Use your kitchen ingredients such as coconut, shea butter, tomatoes for flawless skin at the comfort of your home.

To keep your skin hydrated and youthful without splashing the cash, apply coconut oil to your face, leave overnight and get that spa glow from home.

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