5 scary reasons Ghanaian men fear to get married

Ghanaians in particular view marriage as a sacrilegious institution because they believe it fulfills God’s command to reproduce and bear fruit to all nations.
In actuality, the idea of marriage has also caused society to construct a timeframe that is appropriate for young men and women to get married, to the point where living past certain timelines without a ring on your finger occasionally draws strange looks.
Many of us believe that women are always under pressure to get married, but in reality, males are the ones who are under pressure. For reasons that only they know, a large number of men in Ghana are contentedly single today.
However, there are good reasons why a lot of men decide not to get married.

1. Bride price
Of late, the bride price in Ghana keeps getting outrageous by the minute with families demanding all kinds of unthinkable amounts of money for their daughters. If this is anything to go by bride price continues to be a thorn in the flesh especially for a guy who lives on a strict budget.

2. Marriage list
Aside the bride price is the annoying long list presented the prospective bridegroom in the lead up to the wedding. What is contained in this list is just unimaginable!

3. The lockdown
Many guys love their freedom – chilling with the boys at the bar, watching football matches and so on. They often find marriage as that cage with a huge padlock which locks them down away from their usual activities. True guys?

5 scary reasons Ghanaian men fear to get married

4. Girlfriends drama 
It’s no surprise that 2 in every 3 Ghanaian men have some girlfriends in their pockets. With infidelity being their weakness, getting married to one and leaving the other is not just scary but a chance for fights and this they will never sacrifice.

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5. Unemployment 
With the growing unemployment rate in the country, most single men are shying away from saying “I do”. Marriage in itself is an institution for the serious ones so that going in for someone’s daughter whereas you are woefully unemployed will be like going on a battlefront without a weapon.

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