5 worst makeup trends in 2023

We all love makeup, no doubt about it, but if applied incorrectly, it can utterly ruin your appearance. Several cosmetics fads were doomed to fail simply because they were ineffective.

1. Too much bronze:
You will only end up looking orange when you use too much bronze. This has been an awful trend in the field of makeup this year. Just a slight application of bronze with your brush will give you the necessary shiny look.

2. False look:
Adapting to other cultures must be done carefully, else it will lead to false cultivation effect that will probably just piss people off. When you want to change other cultures as part of your makeup trend, it is best to understand the culture and not overdo it.

Portrait of young afro woman with bright make up
5 worst makeup trends in 2023

3. Shaving Eyebrows:
Also, too thin eyebrows are a big no-no; shaving eyebrows does not top the list of good makeup trends. Shaving a part of the head, which was once experimented, turned out to be one of the worst makeup trend.
4. Overdoing the black:
Besides, going full black was never a good idea. Especially black lipstick, dark eye shadows, and black nail polish is simply too dark! Black is a good color, but it is always a bad idea to overdo it.
5. Dull lips:
The truth is; going without lipstick is no crime, but entirely boycotting all sorts of lip products is. Too nude lips do not get a nod from us at all. A better idea is to apply some lip gloss at least just so your lips do not look bleak.
Not all makeup trends should be embraced. Follow what suits you!

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