How your job contributes to lifestyle diseases

There are fortunate individuals who receive food service at work. However, what would be regarded as luck does not bring them any luck at all.

Those who have been consuming office meals for a few years will exhibit signs of one or more lifestyle diseases.

This is merely a result of the office food’s poor nutritional value. There is so much oil, salt and frying.

Fried foods, oil, and salt only go bad when they are ingested in big amounts and frequently.

When it comes to what you consume at work, this is precisely true. It is a daily meal that is convenient.

Businesses will have a healthier workforce if they show an interest in the nutritional value of the food that staff members consume while working.

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How your job contributes to lifestyle diseases

They will also save money on healthcare expenditures in the medium to long run.

Employees’ personal wellness is one advantage of eating healthily while at work.

Nothing prevents people from having wholesome lunches at work. All you need to do is make a decision and move forward with this.

Your caterer will perform better if you give them some instruction.

But this is only possible if you all agree that a change is necessary.

You must bring your own food to work if it becomes impossible to alter the current situation at work.

Make sure you properly cook the meal and pack it for lunch.

By doing this, I have no doubt that the threat posed by diabetes and hypertension will be reduced.

Workplace stress is one factor in the rise in the number of persons afflicted with lifestyle disorders.

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Bringing stress levels down is key in preventing and managing lifestyle diseases.


Having stress levels under control will also free up space in your mind so you plan to eat healthy meals.

Being realistic with work targets and meeting goals is a way to manage stressors and minimise stress.

Also getting some exercise can help reduce stress levels significantly.
Work schedules are likely to make it difficult for lots of people to seek health care in a timely manner if they fall sick.

If you continue postponing the need to see your health care provider because of your tight schedules, you might soon become an emergency case. Choose right.

In a bid to manage their health care quota, some workers who have such benefits may selectively seek health care when they are not well.

Some people will also selectively buy drugs that they have been asked by doctors to buy.

Once these dynamics begin to set in, success with the management of lifestyle diseases becomes impossible.

You will see people taking for example their high blood pressure drugs only when their readings go high.

On days that the readings are not very high, the drugs are not taken. Doing this is very dangerous and must be discouraged.

Worrying trend

Another worrying trend when payment for healthcare becomes an issue is the fact that sufferers of lifestyle diseases will not go to the hospital unless they fall sick.

Meanwhile those who keep such appointments are able to adequately deal with factors that bring along the lifestyle diseases.

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Even those suffering from lifestyle diseases are able to control them better when they keep a dietician’s appointment as well.

What will you want your health status to be like after you retire from your current employment at age 60?

Also, at what age do you wish to die and leave the face of the earth? I believe most of us will want to be healthy after retirement.

Also, most of us will want to come to our graves in ripe old age.

May this be your portion as scripture puts it succinctly: “You shall come to your grave in ripe old age, and as a shock of grain goes up [to the threshing floor] in its season (Job 5:26)”.

A little bit of planning will help you achieve better outcomes so far as prevention and management of diabetes, hypertension, obesity, among others are concerned.

Allowing your work to get in the way of achieving good control for these diseases/conditions will make them worry you now, and even more when you are on

I believe we will all choose not to allow our work schedules to make us victims to lifestyle diseases.

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