These signs shows you are a side ‘chick’

You never met his friends

If a guy really likes you and wants to have a future with you, he will introduce you to his close friends.
He really cares so much about their opinions and will proudly show you off. He will invite to regular hangouts with the boys and have fun together.

No photos of you exist

There are occasions like birthdays, graduation, friendship anniversary, promotion at work, scholarship among other for him to celebrate you on social media. These days millennials don’t shy away from flaunting their significant other on social media.

So if he doesn’t allow you to take selfies with you or photos of him and warns you not to repost any of his post on social media, then he doesn’t want anyone to know about the relationship.

You don’t go on dates

Married couples are even advised to go on dates to spice up their relationship. Within the first six months of dating, couples are spent more time together to know other and have fun as well.

They spend Friday evenings and weekends at the movie theatre, shopping at the mall or popular restaurant. If he doesn’t take you out of the house, there’s a reason why.

These signs shows you are a side ‘chick’

He doesn’t open up

If he is really into you, he will start making future plans with you. Ask for your opinion on work-related matters or family matters because he considers as a special person in his life. If you’ve tried to get him to be emotional and he shuts down, he doesn’t want to get attached to you.

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He doesn’t sleepover

There are some nights that things might get steamy and one thing will lead to another. If you really like someone, there is no big deal to sacrifice a night sleeping in your bed.

However, if he never spends a night in your bed, it’s because you’re not exclusive. This is what makes a difference between a girlfriend and a side chick.

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