Don’t give babies below 6 months mashed Kenkey

Moms who are planning to give their newborns younger than six months old mashed Kenkey should be advised against it by a senior nursing officer at the pediatric department of the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital Selma Oppong Adomako.

She advised women who are unable to breastfeed their babies exclusively to wait until their babies are six months old before exposing them to other meals.

6 months baby
Don’t give babies below 6 months mashed Kenkey

“Don’t give mashed Kenkey to a baby below 6 months. It is advisable to give them baby formula which is almost close to breast milk,” she warned.

Madam Oppong Adomako also cautioned mothers to ensure that the food nutrients in their baby’s food are proportional in nutrientsìì and not only carbohydrate.

She added that mothers must also introduce a variety of foods to babies to ensure that they don’t get bored and reject them.

“Mothers must ensure that there is variety in the foods they give their babies so they don’t get used to it and reject it eventually,” she said.

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