5 things that change unexpectedly after you get married

Getting married causes things to alter. Whether it was planned or not, marriage transforms individuals as they develop as a unit. But in my experience, there are very different expectations for love marriages.

Here’s a reality check for everyone who promises their significant other the same thing after marriage: that’s not how the real world operates. We must adapt since there is only one thing that never changes: change. Let’s be more realistic about the unexpected events that come with marriage and face reality. Here’s a list of a few things that tie the knot then abruptly shift.

  1. Friday nights mean grocery shopping expeditions

Not every Friday night leads to a party or social gathering like it used to when you were dating. After getting married, most of my Friday nights and weekends have been dominated by grocery runs. Yes, reality hits hard when you find yourself bargaining with a sabziwala instead of strutting down that restaurant in heels.

  1. Sex can wait

People assume that marriage gives you easy access to have sex every day. Well, sorry to break it to you: it doesn’t! Consent reigns supreme even after marriage, and no couple can have sex every day. If not today, it can happen tomorrow or the day after. The no rush and absolutely not mandatory. Sex, my friend can wait.

  1. Movie dates are now about Netflix

After you get married, movie dates are no longer about first day first show. In fact, you find more comfort wrapped in a cozy blanket, with a series streaming on Netflix, and a chilled beer in hand. The rage of series that online platforms offer these days makes you lazier than usual–so you nip the urge to step out and binge watch at home with bae instead.

  1. You devote less time to friends
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The time you used to spend with your friends is reduced considerably. You don’t do it deliberately, but eventually, you end up focusing more on your marriage, yourself, and your partner. Above all, your house. In the process of doing that, we often end up cancelling on plans or meeting friends every week like we used. I  am  not saying  it’s a  good thing but it is what  it is.

  1. Late-night drives are now late-night walks

After marriage, it’s all about finding joy in the simplest of things. For me, late-night drives became late-night walks after dinner. Trust me, it’s as romantic as a romantic drive. Romance matures with time and for all the good.

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