5 bathroom mistakes you have to stop immediately

The foundation of our everyday hygiene is taking a shower, so what could go wrong?

Showering may appear like a simple task requiring no particular expertise, yet it turns out that body washing can be done incorrectly.

When having a shower, what could go wrong? The shocking thing about the list of sins is that the majority of us actually do them.

The foundation of our everyday hygiene is taking a shower, so what could go wrong? Health experts claim that many of our practices are bad for our skin.

5 bathroom mistakes you have to stop immediately

We have several options to choose from that may harm our skin. We list the most important ones below:

Exaggerating in either direction may turn out to be quite an unfavourable solution. A very cold shower may wake you up suddenly or provide some skin benefits, but it’s not the best solution for everyday use. Water that is too hot is not a better choice.

Hot water causes the skin to lose its natural protection and can cause dryness, itching and even eczema. It is best to choose the golden mean and take a shower with lukewarm, pleasant water.

Standing under a stream of warm water can be pleasant and relaxing, but it can also be harmful to your skin. The same mechanism will work as in the case of hot water – the skin will get rid of its natural lipid coat and thus lose moisture. If your skin is dry, consider how long you are in the shower. Just five to 10 minutes is enough.

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A sponge can be nice to lather up your soap or shower gel, but it can also cause problems. As Doris Day, a dermatologist from New York, reminds us, it is a great reservoir for microorganisms. In addition to being a breeding ground for bacteria, a rough sponge can also pose a mechanical hazard and irritate your skin. You really can wash yourself thoroughly just by using your hands. If you can’t reach your back, use a brush and rinse and dry it after use.

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in many aggressive antibacterial products appearing in our bathrooms. Unfortunately, when used all the time, these types of cosmetics dry out the skin. We mean well, but it turns out as usual. Classic soap, shower gel and antibacterial soaps really deal with this virus. Do not overdo it with disinfectants and rinse the cabin thoroughly after using detergents.

Do you also have a habit of washing your hair at the very end of your shower treatment? It turns out that this is quite a mistake. Experts believe that it is best to follow the following order:

  • washing your hair with shampoo and rinsing it,
  • applying conditioner to your hair,
  • soaping the body,
  • simultaneously rinsing the conditioner from the hair and the soap from the body.

Why? Following this sequence in the shower helps remove leftover conditioner and shampoo residue from your skin, which can help prevent acne. It is also worth leaving shaving at the end of your bathing rituals, because the hairs will be softened and the process itself will cause less irritation.

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