I will buy either Man Utd or Chelsea to prove the black man is powerful – Cheddar

The New Force’s creator, Nana Kwame Bediako, better known by his stage name Cheddar, has stated that he would like to buy one of the two main English football teams.

The Ghanaian billionaire declared his intention to buy either Chelsea FC or Manchester United to show that Africans may run as independent candidates in Ghana’s 2024 election.

I will buy either Man Utd or Chelsea to prove the black man is powerful – Cheddar

“As I sit here I hope to raise money to buy Chelsea at the blind side of the public or buy Manchester United and show the white man that the Black man is also powerful. I would like to invest and have an African Champions League just like what pertains in Europe.

“Let’s build strong leagues in Africa so that we can sell our players outright to Europe instead of smuggling players through dubious means for peanuts,” he stressed.

Kumasi-born Nana Kwame Bediako underlined how crucial it is for Ghana to take use of its previous football heroes, especially when it comes to negotiating advantageous contracts for players to play overseas.

The head of The New Force said he thought it was strange that Ghana had not made better use of its football legends in this regard.

“A few days ago I went to the late Papa Arko’s home, he’s one of my legends along with the likes of Opoku Nti who were the big stars in football when I was a young boy.

“We failed to ensure that these quality footballers gained legendary status because today these players I mentioned should have been big-time football agents and well-connected around the world. We are not serious as a country, that is why many of them end up broke after their playing time,” he said.

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