10 Reasons why girls find nice guys boring

Falling in love is simple, but remaining in love requires a great deal of bravery, tenacity, and resolve. It means experiencing highs and lows, happy and painful moments, and good times and bad times. Even after they’ve fallen in love, not all guys are able to exhibit all these traits.

Even though your spouse made unwavering promises and assured you that he would be at your side forever, he may still decide to break up with you. If a man like him has left you perplexed and horrified, continue reading to learn the reasons why a man might break up with the woman he loves;

16 ways to get over the nice guy syndrome

Once a nice guy, not always a nice guy. No one said you’re stuck with that label. So if you’ve been having a difficult time in the dating scene, here are some tips you can try so you can shed your nice guy syndrome.

#1 Know the signs. If you think you may be Mr. Nice Guy, perhaps it’s time to look at the signs. Once you’re aware of the signs, then you’ll be able to take steps to fight your given stereotype and become a man who lands a second date without any questions being asked.

#2 Admit you’re Mr. Nice Guy. This will take a shot to your ego, but you’re not getting any dates, so really you have nothing to lose. It’s time to accept the fact that you’re Mr. Nice Guy. Just admit it to yourself.

Once you’re done grieving over your newfound discovery, you can work on combating the title you’ve earned. Take a couple days, eat some ice cream, and watch Rocky. Then it’s time to get to work.

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#3 What do you do that fits the stereotype? There’s probably a couple main actions you do that play a huge role in you not getting women. Maybe you’re too passive aggressive or perhaps you come off too needy. Although this may appear harmless, women don’t like it. And if they don’t like it, you won’t be getting any girls.

#4 You’re predictable. Women are all about patterns. The minute something is out of the regular pattern, we know. Trust me. I can see when a guy isn’t interested in me before he tells me. It’s all in his actions. So, it could be that you’re texting her all the time – switch up the routine a bit and throw her off track.

Young is girl is rejecting boy on the street
10 Reasons why girls find nice guys boring

#5 Stop lavishing her with gifts. Yeah, I’m not sure who thought this was a good idea. This one guy I went on a first date with showed up to my door with chocolates, a teddy bear, and flowers. Needless to say, it was a little much. Oh, and did he get a second date? No, he did not. You don’t need to buy her gifts – you really don’t. It comes off as desperate. I know it’s sad, but it’s the truth.

#6 Lay off the neediness. Whether you have your own life or not, you need to make it look like you do. No one, whether you’re a man or woman, wants to be around a clinger. There’s actually nothing worse than having some guy who won’t go away and get the hint.

So, if you want her, you’re going to have to show that you have your own life and that you’ll make time for her – but she’s not the only thing in your life. [Confession: I’m a boyfriend who’s too clingy and needy, and it sucks!]

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#7 Say no. This is a huge one. You’ve probably never said no to a girl. In fact, even when you want to say no, they do something cute and you shrug and say, “okay.” Well, not today. Those days are over. Now, you’re going to say no. Women want a man. Men take charge and say no. You need to have boundaries so that you don’t end up being stuck with the nice guy syndrome.

#8 Stop being available. You’re able to hang out with her any time of the day, any day of the week. That’s a problem. Don’t you have things to do? People to see? People other than her?

She knows that if she calls you to hang out, you’d bail on all your commitments just to see her. Don’t do that. You already made plans, so she’ll have to wait another day. [Read: 13 needy signs you’re too available for the girl you like]

#9 Create some challenge. Try not texting her or calling her when she expects it. That way, she’ll notice that the pattern has broken and that something is different. She may become suspicious if there’s another girl, which is great. This will spark her competitive side.

#10 You can be bad. Maybe you wanna be a bad boy, but you’re nervous to go out of the box. Listen, as long as you’re not hurting anyone, why not be the bad boy? You don’t have to punch people in the face when they walk by or egg someone’s house to be a bad boy. The bad boy is an energy from within, so you just need to dig it out.

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