For Women: How to know your man has lost interest in the relationship

Your partner might have left you in the relationship if you ever start to feel like he isn’t giving you the same level of love and affection that he once did—if he starts to treat you less and less like a priority and more like a burden he would rather drop somewhere.

In a relationship, it is actually conceivable to be the only one left. A guy can remain single when a babe is still seeing him, just as a babe can end a relationship. These occurrences are frequent. Here are some common indicators you may look out for to determine whether you and your boyfriend are in this kind of circumstance.

1. He longer cares what you do or don’t do

2. Disappears for long times on end

If he pulls acts of disappearance for long periods, if he goes mum on you, saying nothing and not reaching out, it could be a sign. In some other instances, you could reach out and meet obstacles and excuses such as being too busy, etc.

For Women: How to know your man has lost interest in the relationship

3. He avoids talking about the relationship

Whether about the present or the future, your boyfriend no longer talks about the relationship or where it’s headed. It could be another sign that he has left you alone in the relationship.

4. No longer shares anything with you

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He used to be really open with you. He often shared stories about his day, about his feelings, or really anything that was on his mind. But not anymore.

5. No longer takes interest in you

Even the sex he was always so eager to get into will suffer. Seducing him could also become pointless. No longer will he try to make you feel wanted or desired. He has clocked out of the relationship.

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