Reasons you should not skip breakfast

Do you think about eating or getting more sleep when you wake up in the morning? Even though breakfast is often recognized as the most significant meal of the day, many adults choose to forgo it.

We’re here to discuss the value of breakfast and the advantages it offers us on a daily basis. You might not be feeling as good as you could be in its absence!

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Eating a healthy breakfast helps us feel more focused for the coming day, whether we are at work or simply getting on with our daily routines. There’s nothing worse than being constantly aware that you are hungry and counting the minutes until lunchtime. Eating food in the morning not only fuels us until lunchtime but actually gives our brains the essential energy to function and focus better on tasks throughout the day.

Be happy!

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The foods we eat are intrinsically linked to our moods, and whilst many of us aren’t morning people we guarantee you’ll be less grumpy if you get a good breakfast in you! This is because eating in the morning gives our bodies that essential boost to get us going and also balances blood sugars to prevent those tired and cranky feelings!

Controls your appetite  

Those that are calorie-conscious could be forgiven for thinking that skipping out a meal will help them lose weight, but in fact the opposite may happen instead. If you don’t eat breakfast, you’re way more likely to end up snacking throughout the morning, which could pile up the unhealthy calories! Stay away from overly-refined snacks with added sugar, so if you do feel like snacking, Nakd Bars are just what you need!

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Energise yourself

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It’s quite a simple equation – if you don’t eat, you won’t feel so great! Well this especially applies to your first meal of the day. The next time you wake up, think about the last time you ate – it might be anything up to ten hours so why make yourself wait longer? Our bodies need the energy to function, and that energy comes from food. As soon as we start eating in the morning, we kickstart our body chemistry which gets us feeling energized and ready for the day.


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