How to build a healthy relationship

Being in a healthy relationship lets you be yourself. You may have a happy and fulfilling relationship that develops and brings out the best in you both if you put respect and constructive communication first.

  1. Spend quality time together

Spending quality time together can help strengthen your relationship and increase the bond you and your partner feel together.

2. Speak up

If you have a need or want to express something, you need to communicate it yourself. Don’t expect your partner to be able to read your mind. It’s not fair to you or your partner when you don’t communicate your needs. Don’t hold things that bother you.

3.Listen intently

Part of a healthy relationship is knowing when to talk and when to listen. Develop your listening skills by not interrupting and letting your partner finish their thoughts and feelings.

4.Communicate clearly

Without clear communication, a relationship can quickly bring out the worst in people. When you have a want or a need, express it to your partner clearly.

5.Express emotions.

Share your thoughts and feelings with your partner and stay open to the feelings that arise. Show interest in your partner’s feelings and support them. Connecting emotionally with your partner allows you to empathize with their experience

6.Create healthy boundaries

Boundaries are not meant to make you feel trapped; they are created to maintain respect and understand expectations in the relationship. Discuss issues which make you feel uncomfartable and find solutuions to the problem.

How to build a healthy relationship

7.Check in with each other

Make time periodically to discuss the relationship. You may want to bring up relationship goals and expectations, as these can sometimes change. Don’t ignore difficult topics avoiding them crumbles the relationship.

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8.Create a foundation of mutual respect. Strive to treat each other with respect at all times, even when you are mad at each other. Your partner’s wishes, thoughts, and feelings have value. Mutual respect is required if a relationship has to work.

9.Give each other space

No one person can fulfill everything and every role for another person. Let your partner have time with friends and family and engage in hobbies.Avoid giving up your friends or pressuring your partner to give up friends

10.Expect changes

Know that your relationship will likely change. Allow growth for yourself, your partner, and for the relationship itself. Recognize that changes in your relationship are opportunities for new growth.



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