Master the cheap date without being cheap

That is a sizable portion of their yearly salary for some. However, what are your options? How do you cut your dating expenses without coming out as imprudent or simply staying out of the dating game entirely?

The solution is straightforward: you must change. Dates that are rich in expense must give way to dates that are rich in imagination. Here are some tips for mastering low-cost dates without coming across as cheap:

1. Know your state and national parks. Spend hours discovering the beauty of your local parks together. You will have ample time to get to know your date as you wander on the trails and exploring other activities the park offers. And they are cheap. Parks sometimes have a minimal entry fee but many are free.

2. Be a community calendar guru. Is a concert a good option? Usually. What about a free concert? Absolutely. Towns and cities often hold events like festivals, exhibits, and concerts for their community members. And they are often free. Keep up with your local community calendar (and maybe community calendars of neighboring towns). You may spot an upcoming event that is perfect for your next date.

3. Be smart. Looking for an intelligent and cost-effective activity? Consider going to a museum. History, science, and art museums are places that can prompt some great conversations. At every turn, there is a something new to view and discuss. They also rotate out exhibits, so there are reasons to return for another date. And, of course, museums are usually inexpensive.

Master the cheap date without being cheap

5. Know your way around small towns. Discover the towns that are around you. Spend your time exploring the shops. Sit down and people watch. Find out what the locals recommend and try it. Have your own small-town adventure for the day.

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6. Know how to use a stove. Okay, I know that I said to avoid making dinner the centerpiece of your date. Here is the exception—when making dinner is the date. Pick out a recipe that you and your date want to try. Go to the grocery store and pick out the ingredients. And then try to make it. Even if the meal doesn’t turn out like the pictures, you can still have a fun and inexpensive time making a meal together.

Dating has its financial costs. So find ways to be frugal without coming across as cheap. Make a shift. Move away from dates that are rich in costs and toward dates that are rich in creativity.

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