Common dating mistakes to avoid

Dating guidelines: dos and don’ts. You have to put yourself out there when dating in order to meet Mr. Right. It may take some time, but the effort is ultimately worthwhile.

Here are some dating guidelines to follow, straight from a matchmaker, to avoid the typical dating blunders.

The dos—the actions that you ought to take—

1. Ask away

The best way to get to know a man is to ask him a ton of questions. Don’t make the date feel like an interview, but get to know him. Believe me, everyone loves to talk about themselves.

2. Dress up

Putting yourself together is important – all the time. I’m a huge fan of leggings and T-shirts. If you ever run into me during the day, I am likely to be in spandex and some kind of comfy top, but that’s not what I wear on dates. I save my comfy clothes for when I hang out with my girlfriends. You should too.

When you’re going on a date, play dress-up with yourself. Wear clothes that make you feel like a million dollars.

Common dating mistakes to avoid

3. Be confident

Confidence, confidence, confidence. Say it over and over again and remember how important it is. Men usually want to date a woman who’s sure of herself. They don’t generally want to date an insecure girl who’s always in doubt.

4. Be honest about your feelings

Life is too short to keep your feelings a secret. If you like someone, make him aware of it.

5. Be informed

Many men are attracted to smart, sophisticated women. They like dating women who can bring something to the table. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist, but you should be aware of what’s going on in the world.

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The don’ts (the don’ts of dating are the things you should never do … they’re easy to remember!)

1. Don’t be a wimp

No one likes wimps. At least I know I don’t. Most people say you should hide your feelings when you’re casually dating. That rule is so passé. When you’re dating someone, stand up for what you want. If you don’t, no one else will.

2. Easy doesn’t always do it

Everyone likes sex; sex is fun! But that doesn’t mean that you should go around having sex with 40 different guys. You should wait to sleep with someone until you’re exclusively dating.

Men like a chase. They don’t want to date a girl who’s easy…

3. Be game free

Regardless of what your friends tell you, games aren’t cool. They’re for people who are afraid to be vulnerable and show their true colours. Do you want to be that girl? I didn’t think so. So don’t play games.

4. Bye-bye neediness

Men want a woman who’s attentive, but there’s a difference between being attentive and being needy. When you’re attentive, you give a guy the right amount of attention without smothering him, but when you’re needy he’ll generally want to run in the opposite direction as soon as possible. So whatever you do, don’t be needy!

Now that you know a few of the simple dos and don’ts of dating, follow them!

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