Here are 5 things that our body struggles to digest

The market offers a vast array of food options. Each of them has a unique set of advantages and varies in the nutrients they contain. However, not every food is simple for our digestive system to process.

It may not seem easy to keep a record of everything you eat or drink, but it becomes imperative if the food is giving you digestive problems.

These are the top five meal kinds that are hard for your stomach to break down.

Processed food

Chips, candy, junk food are all difficult to digest. This happens because highly processed foods contain numerous additives to keep the freshness of the product intact. These chemicals are however not good for our health and may stick to your gut lining.

Sugary stuff

We all know that having extra sugar-laden products are harmful to health. Even the sugar-free sweeteners are not completely absorbed by the body. Though the artificial sweeteners do not provide calories, it also does not benefit you in any way.

Here are 5 things that our body struggles to digest

Dairy products

This may shock you, but some people cannot digest dairy products. This happens because they lack the enzyme needed to digest lactose, which is a natural sugar present in dairy products.


Seeds often pass from the stomach undigested. This happens because most of the raw seeds contain phytic acid, which interferes with the absorption of other essential minerals. Do not consume raw seeds rather soak them before eating.


Yes, you read it right, our body cannot digest fiber, soluble or insoluble. Moreover, it does not have calories and we do not gain any energy from it, but still, fiber is very important for our digestive system. The undigested fiber forms bulk that helps the muscles in the intestine to push out the waste from the body.

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