Why your first break up might be the best thing to happen to you!


  1. Have you ever been through heartbreak?

Nursing a broken heart for the first time is one of those life experiences that change your perception towards love and relationships. After a break-up, you analyze what all went wrong in your relationship, try to forgive, forget and make peace with your past. This phase is definitely not a cakewalk, but it’s all about how you overcome this situation. While you cannot visit the past and do things differently, here are a few instances that would prove that the first break-up was a blessing in disguise and perhaps it’s the best thing to have happened to you.

  1. Relationships are not fairy tales!

Many of us associate relationships with the romantic ideas we get from movies or books like going on long drives, cuddling, kissing, and everything rosy. But once you bite the bullet, you realize that all these things are just a part of your relationship and not the entire relationship itself. The truth is that all couples argue, fight, and adjust almost every day to make their relationship work. They are not perfect like fairy tales and you have to put tons of hard work to make them perfect. The first break-up will be painful but it will also show you the real side of a relationship.

  1. Friends are irreplaceable

Your friends who patiently listened to you cribbing and crying for hours without complaining are the people you must never let go in life. This situation ( the break-up) was the litmus test of your friendship with them and they passed it with flying colors. These are your people who will always stand next to you always and nobody else (not even your partner) can replace them in your life.

  1. You can now define a heartbreak
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You only understand what heartbreak feels like once you have witnessed it yourself. Whether it is anger, jealousy, sadness or irritation, you go through a range of emotions that you might have never felt before. You get to observe and learn how you react to testing situations like this in life. Most importantly, you would realize you have turned out to be stronger and wiser than you thought once you get through this phase.

  1. Life never stops!

This is one of the lessons that empower you to deal with other issues you might face in life. No matter whatever you are dealing with, you will still have to  get out of your bed, talk to your near and dear ones, go to the office and continue living your life. You can’t force things (not even a relationship) and eventually, time heals everything. Life never stops, and every phase is just temporary.

  1. Your perception evolves

Even before you realize, your first break up starts tweaking your perception. You get to discover your true needs from a partner and a relationship. You realize ignoring your feelings would only complicate the matters and staying in denial won’t do any good. You might develop a more pragmatic approach towards relationships and think before investing your emotions in anyone.

  1. You have to be your own hero

Yes, you have people around you who love and care for you, but nobody has a magic wand that can wade off all your problems. You need to deal with your own emotions, pamper yourself and learn to enjoy your own company. At the end of the day, you have to figure your way out of this situation and be your own hero. In this case, your first break-up can prove to be your best teacher!

  1. The next relationship
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With time, you become a more mature and stronger version of yourself. The next time you feel weak in your knees, at least you will have better clarity about what you are looking for. You have gained some wisdom in life and are better prepared to deal with the road ahead.

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