Do NOT do these 7 things when you are raising a boy

1. Are you doing these 7 things?

Parenting is no child’s play and even the most well-intended parents make some mistakes. While there is no such thing as ‘perfect parenting’, there are certain things parents’ need to keep in mind, when they are raising a child of either gender. In this article, we are focusing on certain aspects of parenting, which will help in raising a well-rounded boy. It is especially relevant in today’s world where a lot of importance is being placed in raising the boys right, instead of schooling the girls on how to live their lives.

2. 7 things you should NEVER do while raising your son

Hence, it becomes immensely crucial to groom your son in the correct manner, so that he grows up to be a thoughtful, well-mannered boy, who does not adhere to the patriarchal norms set by society. We are listing down 7 things you should NEVER do while raising your son.

3. Telling them that real men don’t cry

One of the first things that you need to teach your son is that it is absolutely okay to cry and express his emotions. Explaining your kid the importance of being in touch with his emotions is the first step in raising a sensitive, empathetic boy. Soon enough you will be able to take pride in the fact that your son understands your emotions and does not flinch away from tears.

Do NOT do these 7 things when you are raising a boy

4. Telling them that boys don’t get scared

If you are nodding in agreement, you might have to change this approach. Pause before you tell your son that real men do not get scared and instead break it down to them that bravery is not in never being scared but in taking life head-on, in spite of being scared.

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5. Not hugging them enough

As our sons get older, parents stop giving them warm hugs that reflect their love. Hold your son closer, irrespective of their height and age, whenever possible. Teach them the importance of human touch early in life and hug them often to assure them of your love, even after they have reached their puberty.

6. Not letting them do household chores

This is especially important if you have a daughter in the household as well. It is crucial that you engage your son in household chores and give him equal responsibilities as your daughter in running the house. From cleaning the dishes to cooking meals, your son needs to learn early in life that it is not the woman’s job to keep the house up and running.

7. Not letting him play with dolls

Parents need to stop worrying if their son isn’t acting masculine enough or is in touch with his female energy. When you let your son play with the dolls if he wants to (without getting all judgmental), you tend to raise a more tolerant and empathetic boy.

8. Not teaching them to take no for an answer

When you go to the root of the whole #MeToo debate, it actually points towards the fact that we are not raising our sons to take no for answer, without bruising their ego. Teaching your boys to embrace rejection is an important step in building a tolerant society.

9. Not telling them about CONSENT

Since we know it as a fact that boys get sexually molested too, it is important that we teach our sons the difference between ‘good touch’ and ‘bad touch’. As a parent, it is crucial that you make them feel comfortable enough to communicate their deepest feelings with you. Don’t force them to hug someone, if they are not comfortable in doing so. Teaching them about consent early in life is crucial in preventing unwanted situations in their life.

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