How to maintain a healthy work-life balance

Let’s face it: our offices have evolved into a second home. We wind up working in our offices for so long that occasionally we lose sight of our work-life balance.

It is now nearly hard to ignore the thoughts of your present job, email notifications, the meeting the next day, or the deadline after you leave the office, thanks to technological improvements. Here’s some assistance if you’re one of those workers who struggles to maintain a balance between your home and work lives.

Prioritize your work smartly

The first step towards achieving this balance is learning to prioritize your daily work. There might be 20 tasks on your to-do list but you need to focus on the urgent and important ones first and later come to those that do not need your immediate attention. This would help you to manage your time efficiently, save you from the stress of deadlines and stay organized during the entire day.

Keep a tab on your work breaks

It is really important to get up from your work desk after every hour or so and take a short break (say five to ten minutes) to refresh yourself. But while doing so, make sure you don’t end up making small talks with your colleagues for hours or going on such long breaks that you have to stay back at the office to complete your work. Focus on your work productivity during office hours, and try to not take too many personal calls, spend time on social media and anything else that can be done after office.

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Learn to say no

Learn the art of saying ‘no’. Start turning down the requests to attend all those unnecessary meetings and workshops that can be done without you. It is okay to work overtime a few days of the month but not every day. Say no when you feel overburdened with work and ask your senior to delegate the work to others as well. By doing so, you are setting the right expectation level and managing your day better.

Take care of yourself!

You might have already read and we would emphasize on it again— take some time out of your daily routine to exercise and make conscious efforts to eat healthy. Remember, you would be able to concentrate better at work and give your 100 percent only when you have a healthy mind and body.

Once you reach home

It’s simple. Try to focus only on your work during office hours and when at home, focus on spending quality time with your family. That’s how you separate your personal and professional life. Until and unless it is very urgent, refrain from checking official emails or chat groups at home. Also, make sure you get enough me-time every day that helps you to unplug from everything and enjoy your own company.

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