5 ‘trendy’ diets which may be extremely BAD for you

What is the first thing you do while aiming to shed inches around your waist? Tame your eating habits and, eventually, adopt a new diet plan. However, diet programs are not “one-size-fits-all”.

Stop crash dieting!

All diets work differently for people. And there is nothing like a bad diet plan which can do the opposite and ruin your health. Here are five diets, which, though popular, may be extremely bad for your body.

Paleo diet

Paleo diet wants you to go back to the older days and eat as your ancestors did- by solely depending on root vegetables, nuts, seeds, and animal products, ditching the processed and modern day foods. This might sound very practical and feasible but nutritionists say it is a very bad idea to do so.

Like we said, one size doesn’t fit all. What worked for people before may not work for you you. The results can very depending on the climate and geography. Cutting out food groups from your modern day diet can upset your stomach and take the body by surprise. Instead of this, go for a diet backed by science and not something inspired from a bygone era.

Acid Alkaline Diet

The acid alkaline diet is a highly talked about diet which pressurizes the body to increase the acid content in the body and the pH levels at minimum energy levels. By increasing your intake of acidic fruits, nuts, and seeds, it eliminates a lot of protein and carb sources. The resulting weight loss may be speedy but derives the body of the needed nutrition as you do away with an entire food idea. It is definitely a bad idea to go this extreme just to get a couple of kilos off your waistline.

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5 ‘trendy’ diets which may be extremely BAD for you

Juice Cleanses

Of all diet plans and quick fixes, going on a juice cleanse is thought to be the best and the quickest way to detox the body and boost the weight loss mission. However, if you planning to do so, please don’t. Going on a juice fast or cleanse derives the body of getting actual nutrients which you can get out of veggies and fruits. While you may think that following a detox diet as such may make you feel fresh and clean, the benefits only last for a little while. Soon enough, you start to feel tired, exhausted and suffer from headaches and extreme ‘hangry’ pangs. Also, since you consume very less sugar and calories, the body does not have the energy to function. So, all in all, a juice cleanse may do more harm than good.

Keto diet

Keto, the most popular diet on the menu might also be a little problematic. We tell you why. Keto is backed up by a lot of celebs and that is reason enough for people to follow it. Originated for people suffering from epilepsy, it soon became a fad diet for people who wanted to lose weight fast and promote fat loss by forcing the body to go into ketosis and burn the fat as fuel. You might lose weight following Keto but do remember this point – this diet promotes eating a high concentrate of unhealthy fat and surprisingly lesser carb concentrate, thereby compromising on the quality of the foods you eat. What it also does is force the body to use up the essential fat, starve itself (which can happen within days of starting the diet), dehydrate itself and suffer from fatigue and tiredness. You should be careful enough to consider these negatives before you kickstart your mission to lose weight.

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