7 tried and tested tips to make you a good lover

1. How to be a good lover

To be in love is bliss and to be acknowledged by a partner for being a good lover is the cherry on top. Now, you might be very good in bed but that alone cannot earn you the status of a good lover. So, you must be wondering what should you do to become one? Fret not, we bring to you seven tried and tested tips to make you a good lover.

2. Be a good listener

To be a good lover you should first understand and know your partner’s needs. And what could be a better way to do that than hear it from the horse’s mouth? According to relationship experts, a good listener ends up learning more about a person than someone who would rather talk than listen.

3. Be unselfish

It’s true that sometimes, you need to place your partner’s needs before yours. It might be a little difficult in the beginning but you would do it effortlessly once you see how these little gestures of unselfishness make your partner happy.

4. Be expressive

A lot of times, we never tell a partner what we feel for him or her. We expect the other person to understand but it’s us who needs to understand that the other person would have no clue about what’s going on in our mind until and unless we say so. So, it’s important to be expressive if we want to have a good understanding level with a partner.

7 tried and tested tips to make you a good lover

5. Give your partner some space

Sometimes, couples fail to understand that being in a relationship does not mean they should start behaving like one individual. Whether you like it or not, you should learn to respect your partner’s personal space and give him or her an opportunity to spend time alone or in other’s company. This would help your partner appreciate and respect you more.

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6. Never force a partner to agree to your opinion

Being in a relationship does not mean your partner should share the same beliefs and opinions or agree with everything you say. This will not only make him or her feel suffocated but would threaten the person’s individuality. To be a good lover you should learn to respect a partner’s opinion and views, although you might not agree to it, and give the person space to do the same.

7. Be a friend

The first mistake most people commit when they fall in love is they stop treating the other person as a friend. He becomes the special one and you start treating him likewise. As a result, you might not be comfortable sharing everything with him. But that would not be a problem when you are friends with your partner, right?

8. Forgive and forget

Fights are an inevitable part of any relationship. How a partner handles a fight or behaves afterwards can make or break the relationship. Thus, it’s important to follow the policy of ‘forgive and forget’ if you want to be a good lover and have a happy relationship with your partner.

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