7 unbelievable benefits of sleeping naked

1. Why should you sleep naked?

Thanks to the constantly online world we live in, a lot of us struggle with catching goodnight’s sleep. Starting from excessive screen time to the haywire schedule, a lot of us are left tossing and turning in bed every night before finally drifting to the dreamland.

What if we told you that there is an incredibly simple way which can help you make up for the lost zzz’s? All you have to do is take your clothes off before sleeping and it just might help you sleep like a baby.

2. Why exactly is sleeping in the buff good for you?

While there are a lot of theories floating around which claim to help you sleep better, none of them is as effective as ditching your clothes before hitting the sack. Here, we have compiled the top benefits of sleeping naked. Thank us later.

3. It helps your body cool down naturally

This is one of the biggest reasons why going commando is beneficial for your sleep health. The human body has a tendency to cool down as the night approaches. The temperature starts dropping around the evening to maintain the sleep cycle. Keeping your body cool is one of the key components in enjoying a good night’s sleep. However, when you wear a t-shirt and pyjama to bed, it becomes a little difficult for your body to cool down naturally. If you are not able to go completely naked, it is advisable that you wear the bare minimum while sleeping.

7 unbelievable benefits of sleeping naked

4. It is good for your skin

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This one is a no-brainer. Since, we are covered under layers of clothes throughout the day, letting your skin breathe at night, minus any clothes, is a good idea.

5. Your delicate bits will thank you

One of the biggest benefits that you can avail from sleeping in the buff is airing your private parts. Wearing undergarments, even during the summer times, leads to a lot of trapped sweat and moisture. Not wearing anything when you go to bed can help improve your genital health by giving them a chance to breathe and avoid infections down there.

6. It helps you battle stress and anxiety

Think about it. When you sleep without the restrictions of undergarments and layers of clothing, you feel free and tend to sleep better. It is no secret that sleeping well at night can help in bringing down your stress levels drastically.

7. It makes you more active

If you go commando at night, it increases your chances of being more active as you wake up. This happens because when you are in your PJs, there is a big chance that you may want to stay in the bed for a little longer in the morning. On the other hand, if you sleep naked, it increases your chances of getting dressed as soon as you wake up.

8. It helps to fight ageing

Did you know that beauty sleep is a real thing? When your body is comfortable and cosy, as you drift off to la la land, it helps in regulating growth hormone levels. This human growth hormone helps in repairing tissues and also takes care of your skin and hair.

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9. It aids weight loss

According to a study, short sleep (less than or equal to 5 hours) is significantly associated with weight gain and obesity in both male and female adults. Sleeping naked helps in keeping your body colder at night, which could further help you sleep better.

10. What to do if you cannot sleep naked?

A lot of people are not able to sleep naked, with comfort and privacy being two of the topmost reasons for the same. In this case, it is important that you stick to breathable, lightweight fabrics like silk and flannel while sleeping. Try to wear loose and baggy clothes which wick away moisture at night.

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