The one personality trait that is more important for your career than IQ

You might be mistaken if you believed that a person’s intelligence was the only thing that allowed them to be hired by the top organizations or that intelligence was the only thing that allowed them to advance in their current position.

While hiring experts with high IQs is undoubtedly desirable, individuals with high EQs may have an advantage over others.

1. What is Emotional Quotient?

Emotional Quotient refers to a person’s emotional intelligence and the ability to manage his or her sentiments, especially in testing circumstances. In simpler words, an emotionally-intelligent person is aware of his emotions, knows how to control and express them. Not just this, a recent survey done by an employment website CareerBuilder suggests people with high EQ have an edge over the ones with high IQ.

The one personality trait that is more important for your career than IQ

2. What the survey says

The researchers interviewed more than 2,600 hiring managers and Human Resource professionals and asked them questions about the traits they look for in a desirable candidate, how they assess an employee’s EQ, why emotional intelligence is more important than a high IQ etc.

3.Who is more likely to get promoted?

Interestingly, the study concluded that 59 per cent of the employers would not hire someone with a low EQ even if he had a high IQ. It seems a person’s emotional intelligence helps in getting promotion at work as well. A whopping 75 per cent of the participants revealed they are more likely to promote an employee who has a high EQ.

4. The reason

The researchers also tried understanding why employers prefer candidates with high EQ and came up with multiple reasons. The one that topped the list was such professionals stay calm and composed under pressure and know how to resolve a conflict effectively.

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5.They make great team players!

The research also mentioned that emotionally intelligent professionals are more thoughtful while making decisions and empathetic towards other team members.

6. What HR professionals observe

The HR professionals and hiring managers were asked the qualities and behaviours they observe while interviewing a candidate. It turned out the ones who admit and learn from their mistake impress the interviewers the most. Also, professional who can keep their emotions in check while discussing tough topics surely score brownie points.

7. Other traits

The HR managers also looked for candidates who were good listeners, maintained their composure under high-pressure situation and dealt well with criticism.

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