Interesting ways your body changes when you quit sugar

1. What happens when you say no to sugar?

We all love to hate sugar. It is unhealthy, sabotages our weight loss plan and what not! Sugar can safely be called the biggest evil in our diets, yet most of us succumb to temptations. A sugar-syrup soaked rasgulla or the lip smacking banofie pie! They are simply irresistible. Moreover, sugar comes hidden in most of the processed products we relish. But would you look at them in the same light if we tell you that quitting sugar brings about some brilliant changes to your body.

2. You will have a healthy heart

When you have sugar, it spikes insulin levels, which stimulates the sympathetic nervous system, thus, increasing your heart rate as well as blood pressure. And so when you quit sugar, you will see your blood pressure stabilising within a week’s span. Additionally, your bad cholesterol will also sink.

3. Diabetes will be controlled

The biggest worry of a diabetic person is to cut down all forms of sugar, because it is said to disable the production of insulin in the body. But if you eliminate sugar from your diet and include healthier options, not only the fat but also the insulin levels in your blood will be at a healthier level.

Interesting ways your body changes when you quit sugar

4. You will have better skin

Sugar does not only contribute to added weight and spiked risk of diabetes and other lifestyle disorders, but it also contributes to triggering acne. In fact a study in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition stated that women who quit soda and aerated drinks that are loaded with sugar reported of better skin and didn’t have to use expensive creams and concealers like many others.

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5. You will lose weight

This, obviously is the most luring side of quitting sugar (as well as the foods that turn into glucose inside your body). As per reports, when you give up sugar, your body starts making ketones for energy from fat, because of the absence of glucose. This is called the fat burning mode. You may have keto fever, which involves headache, unexplained fatigue and cramps but the symptoms subside within a week. However, it is best to consult your nutritionist to understand the side effects of keto and whether the diet is meant for you or not.

6. You will have better mood

A study conducted in Columbia University diet stated that women who had a high sugar diet reported of mood swings, irritability and increased anxiety. Yes, cutting out sugar when you have been addicted to it may make you experience withdrawal symptoms but remember it will just be temporary.

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