Tips to keep in mind when visiting a local salon for haircut

One of the things that Indian guys are so used to that they sometimes prefer—even when they can afford the fancier salons—is getting a haircut at a neighborhood salon. Thus, in order to prevent getting a horrible haircut, here are the things you should do as soon as you go into a local salon.

Steer clear of crowded salons: Try to avoid visiting a salon during busy hours. You are aware that local salons make their money only from the volume of business they receive. The quality of their work clearly diminishes as a result of their desire to serve every client.

Tips to keep in mind when visiting a local salon for haircut

Communicate: Once you enter the salon and sit on your chair, tell the barber to wait for a couple of minutes. Before he picks up his tools and starts the process, communicate what you want from him. Be extremely didactic, and don’t just assume he knows what to do with your hair. Make sure he listens carefully and understands, before letting him start the process.


Keep a close track of the process by looking into the mirror, and see whether it’s going towards the direction you want it to. The moment you see some deviation, immediately but gently point it out.

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