5 ways you can use ice in your beauty routine

Ice cubes serve a purpose beyond simply chilling drinks. Unbelievably, ice cubes can save your skin. It has served as a covert beauty tool for countless facialists and makeup professionals worldwide.

Here are five ways to use ice cubes in your beauty routine, from reducing under-eye bags to achieving a healthy glow.

1. Reduce puffy eyes

To treat under-eye bags, you can give your skin a dose of chill. Gently press an ice cube under the eyes for 10-15 minutes to reduce puffy eyes in a jiffy.

2. Shrink a pimple

Have an angry zit? An ice cube can help to shrink a pimple. Using ice on a pimple can help to reduce the inflammation by constricting the blood vessels.

5 ways you can use ice in your beauty routine

3. Get an instant glow

Rubbing ice cubes on the face can improve circulation and result in a healthy glow. You can wrap a few ice cubes in a cotton cloth and massage it on the skin for a few minutes to that healthy glow from within.

4. Reduce threading pain

If you can’t tolerate the pain of threading facial hair, then ice cubes can be your saviour. Rub an ice cube over the brows or upper lips before the threading season. This will help to reduce the pain and even the redness.

5. Soothe sunburn

The best way to soothe sunburns is to apply ice cubes on the affected area. This will calm the skin and also reduce the redness with regular application.

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