6 conversation topics people find boring on a date

 Conversation topics that your partner might find boring on a date. Everyone takes great care to plan a date meticulously taking into account every detail. The dress would be finalized much in advance, a comfortable place at the venue (be it in a restaurant or a movie hall) would be selected after much deliberation and when the day arrives, the couple would make sure that they reach on time. At least that’s what most lovers do if not all.

No wonder, when on a date, the last thing you would want to do is to annoy the other person. But imagine, even after putting a lot of efforts, you fail to impress your date only because you weren’t able to strike a good conversation. Yes, that can happen. So, to help people planning for a date, we bring to you a few topics of conversation which should be avoided.

1. Talking about people your date doesn’t even know about

When we run out of topics of conversation, we tend to talk about things, people or places we are familiar with. Imagine a situation when you are talking nineteen to the dozen about your best friend while your date might not even be aware of his or her existence. Wouldn’t it make the other person lose interest in the conversation?

6 conversation topics people find boring on a date

2. Cracking inappropriate jokes

Of the many dating advice you find on the Internet, this perhaps is common to most—to add humour to your conversation. But there is a difference between being humorous and cracking jokes. Also, a joke that you might find appropriate and funny may not be the same for the other person. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with a good sense of humour and it is not something you can cultivate overnight. So, don’t try to be funny (no pun intended) in front of a date if you aren’t a humorous person.

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3. Complaining about your work life or personal problems

Many people have this tendency to complain about the workload in office or their relationship with colleagues when they have a sympathizer sitting across them. Moreover, talking about work and office is pretty convenient because we end up spending a lot of time there and it comes quite naturally. Similarly, most people also love to talk about their problems. But remember, you are on a date and the other person might not at all be interested in knowing your office politics or your personal problems, right?

4. Political discussion

Political topics can be very tricky. In fact, some people might be very sensitive about their political stand or ideologies. So, listening to someone talking about issues he does not support can be very difficult for the person to relate to or comment on. In fact, it can even lead to heated debates, which obviously you would never want to happen on a date, right?

5. Talking about your life goals

Having life goals is good but telling everyone about it is not good. Also, when you are on a date, why would you want to discuss things about the future that only concerns you. Unless you are serious about the relationship and it’s not a casual or random date, discussing things about your future, like your life goals or your career, will be lost to the other person.

6. What should you talk about?

Running out of topics to talk to the partner during a date can be a very difficult situation. That brings us to the question that most seek an answer for—what should you talk to your date to keep him or her interested? What you talk on a date is completely subjective. A good conversation starter can be a compliment. You can tell your date how smart he is looking or compliment him for being punctual. And as the evening progresses, pick up topics that both have an interest in. Also, having a little knowledge about your date’s likes and dislikes can be a big advantage. If the person loves reading or watching movies, you can always ask for his suggestions to select a good book or a movie. No matter whatever topic of conversation you choose, look for signs if your partner is showing interest or not, and then accordingly steer the conversation.

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