Benefits of holding your lover’s hand

Grasping your partner’s hands is undoubtedly a charming act that elicits a range of feelings. But the advantages of holding hands go well beyond this; according to the results of numerous studies, this small gesture can strengthen your emotional connection, lessen pain, and lower stress levels.

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1. We can communicate different emotions through touch

Holding hands is a form of non-verbal communication and according to the findings of the study conducted by psychologist Matthew Hertenstein, we can communicate different emotions through touch. In this experiment, the participants were asked to communicate whatever they were feeling by touching the other participant and interestingly, 75 per cent of the receivers accurately understood what was being conveyed to them. So, in case you are struggling to express your true feelings to your partner, holding hands might be of great help!

2. The love hormone

A study done at the University of California Los Angeles suggests holding hands also helps in increasing the secretion of the love hormone oxytocin, that is proven to improve empathy, trust and even sexual activity in couples.

Benefits of holding your lover’s hand

3. It reduces stress

Do you also unintentionally grab your partner’s hand while watching a horror movie and when you do that you feel less scared? Well, there is a scientific explanation behind this. A study done by Clinical Psychologist Dr. James Coan suggests that holding the hand of someone you love helps to relieve stress and makes you feel content and secure.

4. It’s a pain reliever

Have you ever wondered why we clutch the hands of the person we love whenever we are in pain? Well, several studies, including the one done by the University of Colorado Boulder, proves that holding hands helps to relieve body pain and even syncs the heart and breathing rate of the people.

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5. It is good for your heart!

It seems the power of warm touch can help you to improve your health as well. Going by the findings of a study published in the journal Behavioral Medicine, holding hands helps to reduce blood pressure and also provides a comfortable sensation that keeps our heart healthy.

6. You don’t need a reason to hold hands

From providing a sense of comfort, security to easing pain and improving communication, holding your significant other’s hand can do wonders for your relationship. Several researches done on this subject prove that how this simple deed can benefit us at various levels. In fact, the more you hold your lover’s hands, the more you strengthen your relationship!

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