6 tricks and tips for girls with thin hair

It might be difficult to style fine hair. It’s hard to have volume and hold curls with this type of hair. The worst possible? At the end of the day, limp and droopy hair.

Here are some everyday routines and tips to help you achieve bouncy and thicker strands in order to overcome this struggle:

1. Change your shampoo

The best way to get volume is when you wash your hair. Go for volumising and clarifying shampoo, that will help to give your hair volume and adding weight to your locks.

2. Use the conditioner the right way

If you like to condition your hair, just apply it hair ends and not the crown area. You can also use a hair serum after washing your hair at the ends, to avoid tangles.

3. Use a blow dryer

After washing your hair, flip your hair upside down for some air drying. Once it’s less damp use a blow dryer with a round brush. Next, flip your hair back over and dry the rest of hair. Lastly, let your hair settle for some time before you head out.

6 tricks and tips for girls with thin hair

4. Use rollers

If you have time, you can use velcro rollers after blow-drying your hair. Roll the front-section hair from the front and set with clips. You can keep it for 15 to 20 minutes to get some bounce at the front.

5. Try back-combing

Another way to get volume is to back-comb and tease your hair. You can take out sections to create texture and volume.

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6. Keep dry shampoo handy

For those days your hair looks lifeless, use a dry shampoo. It will give your hair volume and soak up the excess oil in a jiffy.

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