5 ways to revive old friendships

Friends from your youth or college years are like your second skin; you spent that time with them when you were carefree, still developing while the world changed quickly, and it was simpler to enjoy yourself. People become busy as life progresses and often lose touch with the significant others who have the ability to instantly put us at ease. Don’t give up, though.

These are 5 incredible strategies to stay happier and rekindle old connections.

1. Don’t look for a reason, just connect

Old friends do not need a reason to connect with, just pick up your phone and message or call them right away to remind them of the wonderful times you have shared with them. Try to fix a day comfortable for both to meet up and if you guys are in different cities, it is all the more reason to plan a trip together soon.

2. First interaction should be short

Whether you are talking on the phone or meeting at a cafe, keep your interaction short and fun. Give some space to your friends and do not pester them for another interaction too soon. As the meeting will seep in their memory, they will feel the urge to meet up again and that is the right way to take it.

3. Recall old memories

When you catch up with your childhood buddy, old memories will surely take control. Carry a few old pictures to revisit those fun memories. This will make the interaction fun and memorable.

5 ways to revive old friendships

4. Plan B if you are disappointed

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Life happens to everyone and career, marriage, family and kids bring a lot of changes in a person hence, meeting an old friend from the past can come as a reality check too. But if you get disappointed that apart from those old memories there is nothing else that matches between you guys, keep it guarded. Tell yourself that it might take some time to understand this new person or for him to become more open about discussing their present life.

5. Be a good listener

Mostly when you insist on an old friend to catch up and keep talking the whole time, it might become a bit itchy for your friend to take it all. Give some time and space to your friend to open up and be a good listener. The feeling of reviving the friendship should be mutual.

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