Here are 5 odd ways to get rid of cold and flu

1. Eat some protein

Having the right diet can help you to get rid of any health issue and cold is not an exception. The food you eat plays a crucial role in keeping your healthy and fit. As soon as you start to feel a little low, increase your protein intake. A wholesome meal packed with protein will provide you enough nutrients and ward off stubborn cold-causing pathogens. Apart from this, food items packed with Vitamin C like citrus fruits and tomatoes can also help to boost immunity.

2. Get a massage

A gentle rubdown can also help you stay safe from catching a cold. Getting a massage will boost your immune system and will help to stay safe from the cold and flu. Not only this, but it will also relax you. Massaging is beneficial in the initial stage, but you are already sick then it might not be the best option.

3. Put on pair a wet socks

Yes, you read it right! Wearing a pair of wet socks when suffering from cold really helps. Putting on wet socks when going to bed can have a similar effect of immunity-enhancing hydrotherapy treatments. All you have to do is soak a pair of socks in cold water and put it on and then cover them with a pair of woolen socks. In the morning you will notice an improvement in your condition.

Here are 5 odd ways to get rid of cold and flu

4. Eat some raw onion

Raw onions are excellent to fight cold and flu. This is because of two reasons. First, raw onions are naturally antimicrobial and second they contain plenty of sulfur, which is beneficial for your immune system. Cut some onion and soak it in a glass of water for six to eight hours and then drink it.

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5. Drink some tea

There is nothing like sipping a warm cup of tea when you have a sore throat. Most people opt for ginger tea, but if you want to beat the nasty cold fast then green, black or white tea are better choices. Green, black or white tea contain powerful antioxidants that help your body to remove cold and flu causing bacteria. You can also put a spoon of honey into your tea.

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