How to outplay a player

Be cautious of that playboy and master the art of outwitting the player! He can be a real handful, but let’s face it, he can also be a lot of fun if he chooses to stay faithful and choose the right girl who will put up with his flirting ways.

The players that we have witnessed can be divided into two groups: those who have experienced severe heartbreak in the past, and those who are easily bored and hence move from one female to another.

By reading this far through the text, you’ve demonstrated your continued resolve to figure out how to outsmart the player and win him over to a meaningful relationship. If we were to give you a hint, it would be that you must exercise self-discipline in order to maintain total control. This is all the information you require to outsmart the player at this point:

1. Attention

2. We’re Just Friends

You know in the movie “The Ugly Truth” Gerard Butler fell in head over heels for Katherine Heigl without her even trying? Well, she was there for him as a friend, and one by one he started depending on her and showing off his sensitive side. So the key to know how to outplay the player is to get him close enough to you, make him used to seeing you regularly and of course be dependent on you.

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How to outplay a player

3. Fascinate Him

Players are usually smart, as making tons of girls fall for them is a job that requires brains. Having said that, it also means he’ll be looking for a one of a kind girl who has the brains, great personality and good looks. Outplay the player in a flirty way and go for a sexy red dress (nothing too revealing though to leave him wondering) and then talk about something really sophisticated. A unique sense of style and looking flawlessly gorgeous will go a long way? There you have it, that’s what we call the perfect mix to outplay a real player.

4. Emotions Matter

After sweeping him off of his feet, it’s time to get a little personal. How about trying to outplay the player and connect with him emotionally? Let him talk more about himself, and give him enough space and trust to give you some personal details about himself.

5. A Big NO to Boring

Never be predictable, be fun, outgoing, exciting and most of all versatile. This is one smart trick on how to outplay a real player.

6. His Friends

If you get a chance to meet his friends or he asks you to join an outing where they’ll be there, make sure you leave a good impression on them. Did we mention players enjoy the attention very much? If he asked you out to meet his friends, chances are he already likes you, so why not try to make him a tiny bit jealous? Here’s what you need to do, during that outing, be extra friendly or talkative with one of his friends. If he keeps on looking then you’re on the right path!

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7. I’m Not Available Now

Wondering how to outplay the player in a sneaky way? Don’t always agree to going out whenever he asks you. You can simply reject at times and spend it instead with your girlfriends. Later on mention how fun it was to see them!

8. No to Jealousy

We know most women can’t control they’re being jealous, especially when it comes to a guy you’re into. However, a big NO goes out to showing him you’re jealous. He’s a player, which means flirting around is a hobby. Just play it cool! Don’t hate outplaying the player, hate the game.

9. I’ve Got Options

Okay, so here’s an important one for you ladies trying to outplay a playboy! Players would never go for a woman who’s not confident, so dig deep and bring your self-confidence to life if it’s not already there. You need to know and show him that you love yourself and you know how worthy you are. Another thing to help you outplay the player, is to also show him that you’re keeping your options open, meaning you’re not falling in head over heels for him. Can you do that?

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