Reasons why you should hug more

The act of giving a hug is the most consoling thing ever. A cozy, passionate hug has the power to express a thousand words! When you needed an embrace from your mother, best friend, brother, sister, or other special someone, do you recall those times? Hugging, whether it be a fast squeeze, a long, loving hug, or a bear hug, can effectively transform your mood in only a few seconds.

Here are seven reasons to give more hugs because the world simply needs more loving ones:

1. Hugging someone for quite a long time can boost your serotonin levels, which directly elevates your happiness hormones by creating a sense of security.

2. When someone wraps you up in their arms, surprisingly your muscles will relax and release tension from your body’s soft tissues. This will eventually lead to removing the pain away from both; your body and muscles. Two birds, one stone!

3. Hugs aren’t only good for your physical health, but your mental health too! Hugging makes you let go of everything and just live the moment. Next time you fight with your loved one, make sure to make-up for it by giving them a big fat hug and everything will magically seem a bit better.

Reasons why you should hug more

4. The act of hugging itself encourages you to be more tender, loving and giving. Meaning, that if someone approached you for a hug, you won’t help but wrap your arms around them and hug back! It’s just a two-way affectionate action that encourages embracing feelings equally.

5. Hugging is surely not only about interlocked arms. When you hug someone, your sense of trust towards him/her will increase, leading to better a bonding experience. This basically promotes the feeling of devotion, loyalty and better understanding for one another.

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6. Remember how you felt good about yourself last time you came back home to find a warm hug waiting for you? Undoubtedly, hugs have their own way of boosting your self-esteem and making you feel good and appreciated. If someone is just frightened or unsure about something, a simple hug can break down walls and make them less vulnerable.

7. Surprise surprise! Did you know babies who were hugged more often by their parents tend to be less stressed as they grow older? Do your child, nephew or niece a favor and hug them frequently!

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