Why wearing bra is not necessary at all – Researcher

It appears that there has been a dispute about bras or no bras for eons. We all wear our bras again the next day out of habit and necessity, even though there’s nothing quite like the sensation of pulling them off at the end of the day.

Why is that so?

Is it the years of conditioning and archaic social norms that have made these costly and sometimes pokey garments–which not to forget, changes the natural shape of our breasts–indispensable in a woman’s life? So much so, that it is almost unimaginable to step outside without wearing one?

While feminists are increasingly encouraging women to go braless and embrace the twins just the way they are–jiggly, perky or shy, there is an actual research which might force you to question the very reason you wear those ‘boob-covers’ and join the ‘free the nipple’ movement.

The study

If your primary reason for wearing a brassiere is keeping the pair young, healthy and preventing them from sagging, you might be in for a shock. According to Professor Jean-Denis Rouillon from the University of Besançon, France, wearing a bra is not necessary at all!

Infact, his 15-year-long research further conveys that they might actually do more harm than good. This is because, according to the study, wearing bras prevents the breasts from achieving their natural lift, hence, they get saggier.

To conduct the research, the breasts of 330 participants aged between 18 to 35 were measured for 15 years. Rouillon and his team used a caliper and side rule to measure the changes in breast features of the women.

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Why wearing bra is not necessary at all – Researcher

The result

The research which spanned over 15 years had a groundbreaking result. It showed that women who chose to skip the bra showed a 7 mm lift in their nipples on an average when compared to those who wore bra regularly.

Additionally, those sans bra had firmer twins and fewer stretch marks. The researchers also suggested that going bra-less helped the women to have better postures and led to the development of muscles underneath the twins which aided breast support and lift.

What should you do?

As of now, we suggest that you refrain from throwing away your brassiere, as for starters, they are really costly and secondly, Rouillon himself has stressed that the sample size of the research is too small to represent the entire women population on the surface of the earth.

Our advice

If you want your twins to stay healthy, ensure that you are wearing the correct size of bra, so as to not squish them and have a tormenting back pain. Additionally, you may occasionally let your breasts breathe and see the results for yourself.

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