5 ways to know your man still loves his ex-girlfriend

It’s a common misconception that while women would often go through the motions following a breakup, many men would prefer to start a new relationship to avoid going through that process and to demonstrate that they have moved on from their previous relationship—even though this is rarely the case.

Below are the signs that’ll make you know that your boyfriend only rebounded with you; he hasn’t really moved on from that his ex.

1. He keeps mementos

People only deliberately hold on to memories if they are truly, really precious. So if your boyfriend has something from that ex-girlfriend which he treasures so much, something might be wrong.

If he’s trying to forget her, he won’t be keeping that shirt she left behind at his place before they broke up. He’d have tossed that thing long ago.

2. He’s trying too hard

Ok, agreed, this might be a bit difficult to detect but it happens. In a bid to show that they have truly moved on, guys sometimes do extra in a new relationship than they would normally do.

Overdose of care, attention, numerous gifts, plenty selfies that always end up on their social media pages. This would be so cool if they were doing it because they actually mean it. But that’s the problem – they actually don’t.

These things are being done to prove to the ex that they ‘moved on’ earlier.

5 ways to know your man still loves his ex-girlfriend

3. He talks too much about her

This is totally wrong, too. And it is a very easy pointer to the fact your boyfriend probably took you as a rebound relationship.

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4. He hates her

This is meant to be a good thing, right?

Your partner hates his ex so bad. He’s always talking about how terrible she was, and how badly-behaved she was and how he’s glad that that chapter of his life is over.

But what if that is just reverse psychology in motion? What if he still loves her and means the direct opposite of every bad stuff he says about and the negative emotion he shows towards her. What if he is only trying to mask how he really feels?

5. Comparisons

If he belittles your beauty, efforts, care, cooking, lovemaking and basically makes you feel insignificant, he could be comparing to that ex he is still hung on and you keep falling short every time.

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