Photos of Fella Makafui’s ongoing building project surfaces

Regretfully, Abaka was taken into custody soon after the transaction and stayed there even though his companion and the buyer tried to get him out on bail.

He eventually appeared in court, where he entered a guilty plea to aiding and abetting a crime. Because he was unable to pay the GHC 1,800 fine, he was sentenced to 12 months in prison.

Inspired by his tale, Nana Ama McBrown stepped in via the Crime Check Foundation to cover Abaka’s portion of the fine. Abaka and his family were relieved when this deed made it possible for him to be released from prison.

Nana Ama McBrown’s action demonstrates her dedication to helping people in unfair situations and making sure they have an equal opportunity to start over after going through difficult times in the court system.

The strong actress is now focused on creating a new home for herself since she is determined to keep moving forward.

Recent images that Fella posted to her social media accounts appear to show considerable construction on her new home.

The pictures feature Fella at the building site with a construction hat on and the words “Grind day” written beneath it.

When a fan commented “Fella Mansion” on one of her posts, Fella responded with a ‘shh’ sign, indicating her desire to keep details about the project under wraps for now.
In spite of this, she has provided her fans with a peek inside the project and the new chapter she is starting with the shared images.

You may view the additional photographs that Fella shared by scrolling through her post.




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