10 foolish reasons rush to get married

Number 1. SEX

For many, sex is the main reason for marrying; to avoid the temptation of falling into sexual misconduct, they would hurriedly marry. Others too will marry to prevent unexpected pregnancy during their courtship. I imagined how promiscuous i would become if i did not think of marriage or decide to marry in the shortest possible time. One foolish reason I married was to prevent any sexual misconduct, unexpected pregnancy and to enjoy sexual pleasure without fear or remorse.

Number 2. HEAVEN

Have you wondered how many have died in their sins? Good people have died in their sins because of one little addiction they could not overcome. In order to overcome that sin that affects almost every single person, I had to marry. For me, marriage was my key to salvation and heaven. As a devoted Christian or religious person, if you have a sexual sin problem and you do not know how to solve it, your best bet would be to marry; since marriage seems to be the safe haven to enjoy sex legally. For many, if they could overcome their sexual sin, they would be relieved of guilt and addiction, thus, making marriage their salvation. One of the foolish reasons I married was so that in case I died even one week into my marriage, I would make it to heaven. Lol!

Number 3. FEELINGS

Like they say, love is the accumulation of feelings. The higher the feelings, the more you call in love. At one point, my feelings went very high, and i did what anyone in love would do…marry! Feelings are the first indicators of any attraction; without it, it becomes very difficult to know if you love someone or you’re loved by someone. When you begin to have that uncontrollable and unusual feeling for someone and the only reason to explain the feelings is that it makes you happy, then you know you’re in love. If you can measure the feelings you get when you reach a high frequency, you would know that it is time to marry. One of the foolish reasons I married was because my feelings frequency level hit the rooftop.

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I often would admire her face and legs. I would daydream about it and wonder how anyone in this world could have such smooth face and nice legs. Hmm…’Let me marry her, I thought. So I did. Who marries because of fine legs and face nowadays!? PS: I did not mean that she used make up kit to improve the smoothness of her legs and face; she had natural done legs and face.


I almost always won arguments. Lol! yea, I did. For some reason, i did not understand why she made me always ‘win’ arguments. It made me feel good about myself but also made me wonder what sort of a woman she was. I simply wanted to marry someone i can ‘win’ over and over… someone who makes me feel ‘better’ and brings out the best in me. So i decided to marry her. Have you ever argued with someone and at the end you felt very incapable and useless? Have you ever argued with someone who made you feel like your ideas are never good enough? Arguing with my partner used to be like that sometimes but most times, she would allow me have my way during arguments just to feed my manly ego. I realized that after I seemed to have won an argument, I would go to her to console and encourage her then I end up accepting her point of view. Well, for me, the fact that I felt good about winning an initial argument made me happy. One foolish reason I married was to win arguments.

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Number 6: She ate dog meat

How weird! Upon all the delicacies she could find, dog meat was a delicacy where she came from. She danced funny…stumping of feet on the ground as if dodging thousand cockroaches in a room. She was the reason I first visited Navrongo in the upper east region of Ghana. She was the reason I first ate dog meat; that was her delicacy. As a matter of fact, our marriage would be incomplete if I did not provide a dog to her family. I realized I was going to marry from a group of people who enjoyed eating dogs; For some foolish reason, I did not mind; after all, dog meat tastes delicious. In short, I saw her clan to be different or Unique as you might think.

Number 7: WORK & PAY

My imagination about marriage was that after marriage, my wife’s salary will be mine too. I imagined how we will share our salaries, buy a car and build a house from it. All these day dreams pushed me to marry her oo. How many marry because they know their spouses have stable jobs?

People who see marriage as a business would always prefer spouses who have a stable job so they can help financially; but Is that not a foolish reason to marry? Who nurtures your children when both of you are busy at work? Who prepares and keeps the home when both of you are busy enriching someone else? Well, before I married, I thought like a business man; I wanted her to work very hard to help keep the home.

We’ve been married for almost 3 years and she is weaning our child and chasing her dreams. It wasn’t the kind of business plan I had for her but we would get there hopefully. Work and pay seems to be trending lifestyle recently.

Number 8: Strong Children

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Before I married, I heard and read online that ladies from the Northern part of Ghana were strong and hardworking…i too, wanted a strong woman to produce stronger children for me. What a way to understand science. LOL! Indeed, she looks soft but very strong at heart. I hope our children would have such strength. Is strength transferable?

Number 9: Glass Free

Years ago, people who wore glasses were seen to be bright or intelligent, thus were very much admired by me. Now, i see people who wear glasses as ‘physically challenged’; why would i marry a physically challenged person, i sighed! Therefore, i purposed in my heart to marry someone whose family did not have any history of sight disorder. When i met my wife, she passed the test…lol! I foolishly decided to marry because she didn’t see at glasses.

Number 10: SINGER

Listening to soothing music is one of the things i enjoy doing. I also enjoy choral tunes so i wanted to marry someone who sings chorale or is generally, a good singer. I imagined how she would sing to me in a lovely serenade mood and also how I would compose songs for her to sing. Immediately, I zoomed in to find a singer to marry. Well, I found one; she sings in a choir and composes songs too. One foolish reason I married was to have her sing for me every night. What’s yours?

In conclusion, I am only married for a few years and I have not regretted all the foolish reasons I married. They all turned out for my good.

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