Why you should brush your tongue everyday

Cleaning your tongue is just as important as brushing. You should never omit the tongue scraping step of tooth cleaning. You have two options for gently cleaning your tongue: a tongue scraper or your toothbrush.

The following arguments will help you understand why tongue cleaning ought to be a crucial component of your brushing routine:

Keeps tooth decay at bay

While you pay a lot of attention to cleaning your teeth, your tongue is probably, the most neglected part of your mouth. Though brushing cleans the teeth of food particles, there is still some bacteria in the mouth which thrives on your tongue. These bacteria further leads to tooth decay and cavities. In order to keep tooth problems at bay, you must always brush your tongue lightly after brushing your teeth in order to deep clean your mouth.
Improves the appearance of tongue

Dirty tongues usually have a coating of them, which might make them look white or greyish in color. This coating is comprised of food particles and bacteria. Proper cleaning of tongue helps in removing these bacteria along with the dead skin on the tongue. Make sure you don’t scrub it too hard as it might injure the tongue. Regular scrubbing of tongue will help in keeping it pink and healthy.

Improves sense of taste

Usually your tongue gets coated because of different kinds of meals throughout the day. This hinders the ability of your tongue to taste. Proper cleaning of your tongue helps in removing this coating and helps your tongue distinguish between bitter, sweet, sour and salty in a better way.

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Reduces bad breath

Brushing your teeth twice and thrice a day and still not able to get rid of bad breath? Well, the reason behind bad breath could also be a dirty tongue. Tongue becomes a storehouse of bacteria and even if your teeth are clean, these bacteria emit bad breath throughout the day. In order to keep bad breath at bay, make sure your clean your tongue every time your brush, with a toothbrush or a tongue cleaner.

Improves digestion

Tongue cleaning gets rid of bacteria which could hinder your digestive process. The process of tongue cleaning also produces a lot of saliva, which aids the breakdown of food.

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