8 things NOT to do after a break-up

Heartbreak is the worst sensation in a world full of people in love, with couples showing their love to the public and posting romantic photos.

Furthermore, the way that heartbreak is portrayed in popular media only serves to exacerbate the situation. Because of these images, we are mentally conditioned to act in predictable ways when we experience heartbreak.
After a breakup, the emotions that obscure our judgment only make matters worse. Persistent feelings of rejection and self-doubt begin to plague us, making us feel unloved and less valuable.

To assist you in discerning between right and wrong, these post-breakup guidelines are crucial.

02/9​Don’t cherish your hurt feelings

It is best if we try not to think and relive moments of hurt. These feelings often lead to anger which might further lead to a wrong action. When feeling angry, it’s better to talk about it to friends, family or write about it. In any case, one must not think about the past and the hurt that it caused.

03/9​Don’t go down the guilt road

It is very natural to blame ourselves and our actions for anything bad that happens to us. However, this may lead to lack of self-trust and confidence. Instead of doing this, it is better to accept it as and how it happened; as a part of life.

04/9​Don’t blame your ex-partner

When you are advised not to blame yourself, it doesn’t mean that you blame your ex for the failed relationship. This blame game could take a while and often leads to a much worse situation. Instead, it’s better to act gracefully and with respect to each other, no matter how angry we are.

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05/9​Don’t get over dramatic

Sometimes, our movies and popular culture books often present to us situations that are too dramatic. It is human tendency to get carried off by such things. But it must be realized that they look good or are accepted in books and movies only; not in real life. Hence, don’t get involved in any kind of drama.

06/9​Don’t forget to evaluate your relationship

It’s reality that one’s life does not stop after a break-up. We may find someone again and fall for him/her as we did earlier. But in order to make this relation a successful one, it is important to evaluate the previous one. It helps in realizing where we lacked and what we could have done better or differently.

07/9​Don’t be self-destructive

Heartbreaks brings along emotions and feelings of loneliness, self-worthlessness, anger etc. Many people fail to deal with these and indulge in harming themselves which may take the route of suicidal tendency. This is an absolute NO NO. A failed relation doesn’t mean the end of the world. There are end number of people in the world to love you.

08/9​Don’t go into hibernation mode

Isolating yourself is the worst thing you could do to get over a heartbreak. It is a time when you need love, laughter and appreciation. This could happen only when you are with your friends and family, who make you feel valued and happy. So just spend maximum time with them and minimum time with your hurt self.

09/9​Don’t do ‘nothing’

While dealing with a heartbreak, it’s advisable to do what you like and enjoy. A hobby that has been untouched for a long time is something to pick. This will help you take off your mind from the hurt and the pain and will lead to something constructive.

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