5 things men wish women knew about them

Women are sometimes chastised for being complicated creatures, but males can be just as guilty of sending confused signals to the opposite gender.

5 things men wish women knew about them
5 things men wish women knew about them

While you may envision most guys only think about sports, beer, and sex, believe it or not, they’re actually thinking about you, too.

Or in this case, what they wish you knew about them.

Consider its just one small step in figuring out the enigma known as the male species.

Here are five things men wished women knew about them:

  • Praises

Men crave compliments just as much as women does.

They usually act tough but the little praises you say to them is cherished more.

The compliments, whether they’re voiced or delivered through a lingering stare does a lot more good.

  • They appreciate sex for sex

While intimacy and post-sex cuddling can be wonderful for many men, sometimes what they want is plain and simple sex.

On occasion, don’t be afraid to let him do just that, so long as it’s something you’re comfortable with, of course.

  • They genuinely want to solve your problems

One of the biggest differences between men and women is how they handle difficult situations. Many times, women want to talk about what’s going on just for the sake of talking.

To know that someone is really listening to them, and is here to comfort them when times get rough. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

But for men, it’s their instinct to come up with as many potential solutions to the problem as possible.

  • Be a boss in the bedroom
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No matter how you slice it, men love it when women take control behind closed doors.

Not only do your explanations heighten our intuition, but they get off knowing that you’re getting off, and that’s a win-win for everyone involved.

  • Guys want to be touched

When it comes to sensuality, we tend to think of women, rather than men.

However, all those little touches, nibbles, caresses and kisses ladies love, also have the power to drive men wild.

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