Why skipping meals for weight loss may be doing more harm than good

Are you missing meals in an attempt to lose weight? Your body may be suffering more harm than benefit from it.

The following are some detrimental effects that missing meals can have on your body:


Not eating for a long time will most likely make you overeat in the next meal. When you starve your body for a long period, it will naturally demand more food when you eat in order to compensate for the energy lost.

It is also said that skipping meals increases your craving for processed and junk food and in turn makes you eat more than before.

Thus, skipping meals will most likely make you gain weight than lose it.

Slow metabolism
Your human body adapts to the lifestyle you have been following since long. If you usually eat three meals, then skipping meals in between can affect the metabolism of your body.

As your metabolism rate slows down, so does your weight loss rate. As a result of skipped meals, your metabolism starts converting fat into energy.

This can make your prone to health issues like fatigue, low blood pressure, fatigue, and nausea.

Why skipping meals for weight loss may be doing more harm than good

Increase in blood sugar

A normal human body requires carbohydrates, which acts as fuel to the body. When you skip meals, your body doesn’t get its usual dose of carbohydrates.

This drop in nutrition further drops the blood sugar level of the body.

Fluctuation in the blood sugar level of the body can make you susceptible to catch diabetes at later stage of life.

Constant feeling of tiredness

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Not eating for long hours can surround you with clouds of constant tiredness. You might feel head rush or dizzy when you are empty stomach.

As blood glucose levels falls, your body feel start feeling tired and drained. This feeling might make you feel sluggish and might not let you work or think straight.

Thus, it is important to eat at least thrice a day to keep giving your body constant doses of energy.

Stomach problems

Your stomach will continue to produce stomach juices even if you don’t eat anything. These juices can cause acidity and gas.

Not eating for a long duration can also cause acid reflux which can cause stomach problems like ulcers and constipation.

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