How you can make your partner feel special when you’re apart

The actual presence of another person never defines love. One must recognize and honor the strong emotional bond that exists between two souls.

Even in cases where there is love and compatibility, distance can still have a negative impact on a relationship. It makes no difference if you’re in a long-distance relationship or are gone for a brief while—you need to understand how to manage this stage of separation in a responsible and constructive manner.

02/7You can make your partner feel special even from a distance

Even when you’re away from your partner, you can still make him feel special and bring a smile on his face. After all, it’s the small things that matter and make a difference. To guide you through the process, here are some of the things you can do to make your partner feel loved and show them you’re always thinking about them.

03/7Send them frequent texts

While we’re already living in a world of digital media, why not make the most of it. The simplest yet the best way to bring a smile on your partner’s face is by texting them frequently. A call may make a difference, but the words you type down can do wonders. Not only does it tell them that you’re constantly thinking about them but it also keeps them connected to you, even when you’re miles apart from each other.

04/7A ‘selfie’ could do the magic

A visual image of yourself, can take your partner to the times you were together and make them realize the love you have for one another. A video call can get a bit monotonous and may fail to do the magic. But a spontaneous selfie can make your partner feel special and can give them the romantic boost they need.

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05/7Post a romantic picture of you two on social media

While you’re apart, posting a picture of your partner or a romantic image of you together, with a lovely caption of course, can ring the bells in your partner’s heart. Not only does it involve the joy of making it public but also the bliss of feeling special. And if your caption is beautifully expressed, then be ready for a treat when you’re back together!

06/7Voice messages are a must

Staying apart can make you want to listen to each other more often. In case you’re oceans apart and are living in a different time zone, you can record a voice message and send it to your partner whenever you miss them. This will surely do the trick and keep the spark alive between you two.

07/7Send them something special

Maintaining distance from one another can deprive you of all the movie dates, dinner reservations and whatnot. However, you can make your partner feel special by sending them something of their liking. It can be flowers, clothes, books or anything they love or like. Just make it seem special and keep it a surprise.

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