You are on your own – Chefs Association of Ghana disowns Chef Smith

According to the Chefs Association of Ghana, Chef Smith is not officially enrolled as a member of their association.

The chef’s problems are exacerbated by this admission made by Peter Agbovi, the General Secretary of the Association, who is under criticism for declaring a world championship following a cook-a-thon challenge.

“You can call him a chef because he is a professional, but he is not a registered member of the Chefs Association of Ghana,” Agbovi stated.

He explained that, the Association became aware of Chef Smith’s cook-a-thon on social media.

You are on your own – Chefs Association of Ghana disowns Chef Smith

According to Mr. Agbovi, they were startled to see their brand on Chef Smith’s clothing.

He did, however, claim that they were unable to convince him to sign up as a member, which is why Chef Smith was not featured on their site.

The chef was perplexed by the Guinness World Record controversy and wondered why a professional like Chief Smith would falsify such a significant document.

“It’s unfortunate that it’s a fake Guinness World Records certificate. Once you are a qualified chef, we give you respect. It was heartbreaking to see a colleague chef come out with a fake certificate, and we don’t know if it’s his own doing. We have not been able to speak with him yet,” Mr. Agbovi said in an interview on GhOne.

He remarked that Chef Smith is not eligible to claim membership in the Association under the current circumstances.

Mr. Agbovi highlights that anyone hoping to undertake major culinary exploits must properly register and follow the rules.

This guarantees their accomplishments’ legitimacy and authenticity in the professional culinary sector.

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