5 secrets women keep from men

A woman’s friendships with other women and her honesty and dedication to her partner are what define her beauty. They are unique among God’s creations because they are willing to fight for what they believe in and give their all for it.

Because they are the most transparent, women are thought to be unable of keeping secrets because they have nothing to hide. But, do you know even the purest of all female may harbour certain secrets from men.

Let us now examine the top 5 secrets that women conceal from males.

5. Her BFF Knows Everything That No Man Will Ever Learn

Yes, for every girl out there she’ll have one female to whom she can confide and conspire about everything in the world, including her man. She’ll let her man think that he knows everything about her but it’s wrong. It’s her best friend who knows everything unlike anybody ever will. She’s her one and only confidante.

4.  She Doesn’t Want Men To Learn About Parts Of Her Body Where Hair Grows

Men and women alike expect women’s body to be hairless and as smooth as a baby’s bottom, but truly speaking the universe conspire against it for women. Women are a mammal and hence, they’ll have hair growing out of everybody parts and it’s something which all women disgust so, they spend a long time in the showers almost every day to take care of their hairy business and protect this secret especially from men.
It’s also a cultural and religious taboo in many nations.

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3. Almost No Woman Is Honest About Their Beauty Salon Service(S)

In fact, this is a secret women tend to keep away from everyone they know. No woman is honest in disclosing the number of treatments and services they take from beauty salons to maintain their look.
Because in real life the lesser people know about these the more they admire your beauty. Some women even go to the extent of denying going to beauty salons at all.

2. Women Will Never Tell Any Men About Her Crushes

That’s right, because a women will harbor crushes  for eternity and even when she makes love with her man, chances are she’ll be thinking about her crush in bed, because a women’s love is fierce and for a women to let go or hate someone she once loved or admired she has to go through tremendous and intolerant experience for her to  change that feeling.

1. She’ll Never Talk About Her Jealousy

Even if her world turns upside-down and world war III starts because of it, a woman will never admit her jealousy and that too in front of any men. It’s like a women’s secret code, that no woman can admit their jealousy or feel jealous of one another, but as it says you can’t stop women’s heart from loving and even more you can’t stop it from feeling jealous of another woman. It’s likely in most cases a woman becomes jealous for her man out of protective feeling and insecurities.

But, it seems hilarious that jealousy is the only secret that anyone can figure out even when a woman is denying it.

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There you go, you have now learned 5 obvious secrets that women keep from men. Now that you know it, respect it because women do it so they can feel more wanted and loved by their men. And so love her more.


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