5 ways to avoid being in debt after your wedding

You have complete control over how much you spend on your wedding, thus you also have control over whether or not you incur debt.

5 ways to avoid being in debt after your wedding
5 ways to avoid being in debt after your wedding

Between the towering cakes, multiple courses of food, glittering venue, and extravagant floral arrangements, it’s easy to see how it’s possible to go into debt for your wedding.

The cost of all these things adds up fast. And if you’re trying to create a beautiful day or feeling the pressure to put on a major event for dozens of friends and family, you and your partner could wind up owing a large chunk of cash.

The survey also found that 72% of wedding debtors indicated they could have had a simpler wedding ceremony that didn’t require debt, which may be a significant debt is being used to finance more extravagant weddings.

Here then are 5 tips to help you avoid being in debt after your wedding

  • Budget for just a day and within your means

As couples fantasise about a self-drive classy wedding car and a parasol wedding setting, you also have to think about the wedding you can afford and answer the question of what percentage of the wedding budget they can cover.

To some, it is majorly a Church affair but to most people, after the “till death do us part” promises, an amazingly big wedding reception is a must-have because it is a once in a lifetime event.

Big wedding receptions are what cost the ceremony, don’t do what is within your means.

Besides wedding receptions are not compulsory.

  • Do not borrow money or go for a loan for your wedding
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What makes a good wedding even when you have good ideas is money. Put aside good resources for your day early enough because then you get good service providers rather than going out for a loan.

A budget is compulsory and that couples should slowly save to meet it together.

If you can secure your rings and church fee, you are good to go. If you must have a reception, be disciplined with your finances and start depositing money with service providers as early as possible.

  • Do not depend on pledges that may come after the wedding or the wedding gifts

Usually, witnesses bring their gifts on wedding days but there is no assurance this can resolve the debt you have incurred for your wedding.

You receive three-quarters of the pledges on the wedding eve. Some pledges came after the wedding but you should have cleared all bills.

  • Avoid big trends

Your big day is for you and not your friends nor the witnesses.

It is not compulsory to rent a place for the trending garden wedding neither is it compulsory to have numerous bride’s maid and groom’s men.

Your simple wedding in the church or even a court wedding is enough.

Remember the ceremony is just a day.

  • Hire a wedding planner.

It may sound counterintuitive to spend more money to hire a wedding planner, but they can help keep you on track for your spending and make your dream wedding a reality, no matter your budget.

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